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The Entire Team Reported Me For Aimbot - (FAL Nuke On Shipment)

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COD Modern Warfare FAL Tactical Nuke on Shipment Gameplay + Aimbot accusations in voice chat by the entire enemy team 1440p 60FPS PC MW
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I was simply trying to casually play on Shipment and use the FAL, but I realized that I was close to a Nuke so I camped my way there. I didn't want to lose the opportunity and choke the Nuke, so sorry for the camping but it was necessary for Shipment with how bad the spawns are
The FAL Class Setup: https://youtu.be/2yP1tsM8SHg
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This video shows you, Shipment Nuke in Modern Warfare
FAL Nuke in Modern Warfare
FAL Best Class Setup

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ExoGhost photo 1 The Entire Team Reported Me... ExoGhost photo 2 The Entire Team Reported Me... ExoGhost photo 3 The Entire Team Reported Me... ExoGhost photo 4 The Entire Team Reported Me...

For the people who say I'm using hacks to make the FAL full auto, watch this video:

by ExoGhost 3 weeks ago

I counted about 53 incidents where I could’ve done the exact same thing as him and would’ve been blown up by an rpg or knifed by a dude running around with a riot shield on his back.

by Big Juicer 4 weeks ago

Wonder what version of cod hes playing where no ones useing a riot sheild with and rpg

by Payton Wagner 3 weeks ago

I love how they didn’t spawn the that container. But I can be all the way in the back and they will spawn right next to me

by Grandslater1 3 weeks ago

That lobby must’ve been really bad if you dropped a nuke on shipment...

by Dandaman : 3 weeks ago

Are we going to ignore he got a nuke and his team still got triple capped

by JCStylish 3 weeks ago

The most unrealistic part of this is him spawning in and not getting RPG'd instantly

by Tyler Driskill 3 weeks ago

This is the guy we always complain that doesn't play obj, just camps for kills all game

by Rodolfo Sandoval 3 weeks ago

Feels like this is a severe case of “reverse boosting”

by Derkanti 3 weeks ago

I love how you owned all the Indian teams lmao "man this guy is laying down"

by S H 1 weeks ago

honestly just surprised nobody spawned behind you in the crate and one tapped you with a shotgun

by Ching Chong 1 months ago

Sweating so hard that you're still going for kills during the nuke countdown lol lay off the adderall dude

by lmncarlson 3 weeks ago

Being accused of "Aimbot" is like being accused of "Steroids " when your jacked. 😄😄😄

by GLYNN NELSON 3 weeks ago

, I live how the shots made that melody

by haisoJ yelppE 3 weeks ago

This guy literally has the fastest trigger finger I’ve ever seen

by Rat Boy 3 weeks ago

Being called "aimbot" because you're too good is actually a good compliment.

by michael cock 4 weeks ago

Me: Tries to complete challenges, level my BP, & have a good time overall

The enemy team:

by Prinz of Phx 3 weeks ago

PC players who can snap there wrists like this for example be people who complain about Aim Assist

by David Hewison 3 weeks ago

“If you look at the kill cam it’s aimbot”
Tf he missed plenty of shots

by Danny Leche Man 2 weeks ago

If you cant win em , join them , but if you cant join... REPORT THEM 😂

by Bryan 3 weeks ago

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