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SURPRISE Car Audio Install w/ My Girlfriend's NEW RIDE!!! How To Build a Ported 10" G2 Subwoofer Box

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Come join the fun as we install a SECRET BASS SYSTEM inside my girlfriend's new ride using 2 10" G2 Dynamics subs! This FULL LENGTH car audio special will showcase how to tackle every part of the setup. Building a ported box, installing a 2nd battery, wiring the aftermarket equipment, and testing out the sound quality with Elise at the secret spot! Remember to watch out for the hidden questions throughout this video to participate in the AWESOME FREE G10 SUBWOOOFER BONUS courtesy of G2! Simply like and comment on the video to be apart of the fun :D THANKS FOR WATCHING & SUBSCRIBING!
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G2 Dynamics Genesys Subwoofers
Hydraulic Crimpers
Powered Line Output Converter, https://amzn.to/3alAuhR
1/0 Power Wires, https://amzn.to/2JfWYon
Handy Rubber Feet
Cheap Heatshrink Tubing
Titebond wood glue
Tools Used, DIY Sawhorse, Tape Measure, Straight Edge, Skil Saw, Table Saw, Jig Saw, Wire Cutters, Rubber Stand Offs, Heatgun & Heatshtrink, Steel Wire Wheel Brush, Impact & Corded Drill ,Phillips Bits, Hydraulic Crimper, Tessa Tape, Digital Multimeter
Here's What We Cover, Getting max dimensions of trunk area
Sharing tips about pen markings & hand tools
Cutting the pieces to the box
(top & bottom, front & back, sides & port)
Doubling the baffle for added strength
Showing how to cut EFFICIENTLY with less waste
Explaining port opening & common wall
Fixing a crooked cut line with guide
Making but joint stronger with more layers
Measuring port lenth to correct size
Mocking up the enclosure pre-assembled
Explaining even pressure within the chamber
Screwing the double baffle together
Marking out center point for sub cutout
Creating PERFECTLY sized and round holes
Cutting each hole out with jigsaw
Sanding edges down smooth.
Mounting the SMD Term-X1 speaker terminal
Adding rounded / flared port end
Rounding over slot port with roundover bit
Assembling the box with wood glue & screws
Bracing the insides with 2" dowels
Gluing the braces into place
Keeping port width consistent the whole way
Filling the screw holes with filler
Carpeting the box at local shop
Prepping 1/0 power & ground wire
Disconnecting stock battery location
Showing electrical / alternator diagram
Drilling through firewall w/ step bit
Wiring 300 amp in-line ANL fuse
Crimping on new 0 gauge lugs
Checking out hydraulic crimp
Covering terminals with heat shrink tubing
Running 0 gauge wire through firewall
Hiding cables under factory trim panels
Finding the best spot to ground
Grinding down paint to bare metal
Upgrading trunk liner to 3/4" FALSE FLOOR
Picking up the carpeted enclosure
Inspecting the carpet job
Connecting speaker terminals
Installing the line output converter
Explaining factory rolloff (lack of low bass)
Using ferrules for clean look
Putting the box in the TRUNK
Mounting the G10 subwoofers
Testing polarity with 9v battery
Placing the second battery up back
Connecting the front & rear batt
Fusing the main run from alt
Visiting BIGDWIZ for a new amplifier
Securing the new MYSTERY AMP
Attaching brackets to keep box held down
Testing the subwoofers for output
Breaking in with test tone frequencies
Charging dual batteries for test runs
Discussing the disappointing reveal
Revealing the complete build to Elise
THANK YOU G2 Dynamics for the GREAT sounding project!
Music By: AudioBlocks & YouTube Music
Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org)
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by EXOcontralto 9 months ago

Youโ€™re like a hillbilly and a fine gentleman at the same time.

by DrUranium Gaming 9 months ago

Fun fact!
You didnโ€™t actually search for this

by Roan 8 months ago

Watched this whole video learning your install tips and got relationship tips for the cherry on top. Good stuff right here!

by damien sullivan 8 months ago

EXO's energy and enthusiasm is friggin contagious ! Been watching since 2013 my brother.
Keep it up !

by MRBIKERFINGER 8 months ago

This music sounds just like the music from "How its Made"

by Thomas Alford 2 days ago

Best part of the video is the relationship management and communication ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™Œ. Nobody shows the bumps and hiccups. Respect bro!

by AD SixOneFive 7 months ago

Well this brought ๐Ÿ˜ญ to my eyes.. Well done guys

by Mizta Blessed 6 months ago

I've never built anything in my life. Makes me wish I had tools. And a dad. lol

by VincentsVideoVisions 9 months ago

I just finished watching this. Long deal. I loved when the drill caught you off guard. Funny. Nice vid. U two.

by LoLZโ€™ Dad 3 weeks ago

Brings back memories for me when my grandfather had his reference 10s

by Jackie lynn Porter 5 months ago

I dunno where or how you find the time to make videos at such a level, it's all fire my brother ๐Ÿ”ฅ

by Minus3dBInTheTeens 6 days ago

WOW!!! That was so sweet โค๏ธ what you did , My weakness is wearing maybe I'll get better one day thanks for the video ...

by Carlton Durham 8 months ago

We've missed ya buddy. Glad to see ya postin again...

by b1782w 9 months ago

Best of 2020!! change my mind!! Happy New Year!!!

by Jesus Correa 2 weeks ago

Thousand dollar in subwoofers, god damn i wish i has just 1
-Philippines ๐Ÿ‡ต๐Ÿ‡ญ

by Sunny SideYT 8 months ago

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