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Artemis VS Apollo: Is NASA's Artemis program actually "sustainable?"

#SLS vs Saturn V #2024 moon mission #Near Rectilinear Halo Orbit #Artemis mission profile #Science & Technology
NASA's making some big moves to finally get humans back to the moon for the first time in over 50 years. The Artemis program is shaping up with checks written and hardware built! So how does a 21st Century program to the moon compare to that of the 1960's?
In Today's video, we’re going to answer the question, why does NASA think Artemis will be a sustainable program when SLS is sooooo dang expensive AND it’ll take at least two launches to get humans and their lunar landers to the moon.
This CAN’T be more sustainable than Apollo, right? Well, we didn’t even begin to scratch the surface of the costs, so today we’re going to really dive into the total costs, including development, infrastructure and hardware by giving SLS and Orion a full cost audit.
But we’ll even show you how the Apollo program and Artemis mission profiles differ including the specific orbits and rendezvous and everything required to get humans to the surface of the moon and even talk about the upgraded safety considerations and hardware involved.
Once we look at all these details, we can answer the question, 50 years later, is the Artemis program actually an improvement over the Apollo program or is NASA going completely in the wrong direction when returning to the moon?
#ApolloVSArtemis #SLSVSSaturnV
00:00 - Intro
03:50 - The Hardware
15:55 - The Missions
29:15 - Safety & Upgrades
35:50 - Program Costs
46:20 - Rant
52:25 - The Good Parts of Artemis
55:35 - Conclusion
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This monster of a video is excellent - great work Tim! Loved the rant :)

by BPS.space 3 weeks ago

Your rant reminds me of a quote by Gwynne Shotwell: "I don't even know how to spend $400 million on a rocket"

by Niel Wagensommer 3 weeks ago

“Boeing: ‘Failure is not an option, it comes standard in every product.’”

by T. Mitchell 2 weeks ago

The American Tax-payer: Keeping Boeing in the black since 1961

by MoLottes 3 weeks ago

People who take a critical look at government spending: “Wait this is insane these numbers don’t check out”
Military industrial complex: “Money printer go brrrrrrr”

by CaptainSpaceBalls 3 weeks ago

SLS looks like if Saturn V and The space shuttle had a baby

by PencilJar 3 weeks ago

When Jim Bridenstine was appointed head of NASA, if was sceptical. But boy has he done some incredible things in the last two years! I really really really hope they keep him as head of NASA, no matter who wins in november.

by Dennis 3 weeks ago

Tim at the beginning: "We're diving deep"
Tim at the end: "We just scratched the surface"

by Kanva Kanva 3 weeks ago

At Tim finally uses the word “literally” properly. I am figuratively blown away.

by Steven Banks 3 weeks ago

‘It’ll be virtually impossible to have cost overruns’ Boeing: Well how we gonna make money now?

by JackTSR 3 weeks ago

Nasa: Pays 500 million dollars on 4 old allready used engines.
Spacex: Builds 500 new engines while Nasa decides how it could waste some more money.

by Lost Cosmonaut 3 weeks ago

The sheer professionalism of this guy blows me away.

by Diane Hansen 3 weeks ago

"Yes, they dropped a tank once" - that's hard to believe. Also, not the customer's problem.

by Dino Schachten 3 weeks ago

If nothing else, a SLS launch will be one HELL of a show

by Defective 3 weeks ago

I love how there is just a section called RANT 😂🤣

by SlimeStories 3 weeks ago

The increased mission duration is actually a very interesting perspective, and definitely makes the enormous costs significantly more palatable. Also the head of human spaceflight was forced to resign in May due to improper contact with Boeing regarding their lunar lander submission really proves that indefinite cost overruns and delays won't be acceptable moving forward.

by Awgolas 3 weeks ago

I've been watching SLS's development for the past decade. And your rant is music to my ears. It is awesome to hear someone bring up the huge scandal of NASA's contractors being careless with taxpayer money. But at the end of the day we have a deep spacecraft now, and I'm just happy we have something that is almost ready to fly.

by Hunter Kutz 3 weeks ago

imagine the world if school/college lessons would done this clearly.

by venkata shivashankar 3 weeks ago

Phenomenal vid!! This is as good or better than anything I've seen on Discovery, National Geographic, PBS, ect. I love the fact that you don't dumb down the content but rather take your audience to be as smart as anyone else. Script, graphics, everything is A+! You could not have done a better job. You have created a unique space for your self that feels like your calling ...few ever achieve this. God bless!!

by BlackFencePatriot 3 weeks ago

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