china s parliament passes hong kong national security law

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The Chinese Gov needs to issue an international arrest warrant for George Soros for funding these riots.

by Karl Winn 2 months ago

If the law wasn't made public, how could 1.8 million sign a petition in its favour? China's lies are always so transparent.

by Dissociated Women Incorporated 2 months ago

The text or details of law has not yet been disclosed, even after passing the law

by Phlipy Phlopy 2 months ago

The demise of China as a world power. The west should turn its back

by RustyNuts 2 months ago

Well that's just it, once a nation has experienced freedom and democracy, there's no turning back.

by Terry Briggs 2 months ago

Uncivilized CCP civil law overrides civilized HK common law ..... ...
HK is officially game over

by Ichi Droid 2 months ago

We do not wrestle flesh and blood but against the cosmic powers over this present darkness. Against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places! Ephesians 6: 12-13.

by Pat Warburtonr 2 months ago

Soo folks I guess its fair to say; whatever happens in china- then is mirrored by the rest of the world. Hmnnmnmm

by Rell Anne 2 months ago

And so it begins

by PedroE 2 months ago

tbh I don't mind if UK just take all the people in Hongkong who want to leave, these people really need to have the racism treatment in UK.

by Banana nana 2 months ago

When something happens in Hong Kong, a really strong wind blows in Japan.
Because of that, my umbrella broke and I'm soaked all over. It feels like a dragon is angry. Anyway, the Hong Kong Fugitive Ordinance has been decided.
I'm not giving up A strange thing is happening. Yesterday I found two lucky four leaf clovers. Also, I have more chances to see and see red things around me. So something isn't over.
The wind sounds like Chinese pronunciation and English phone sounds the same.
You have to find someone who is blind, but do you know a Chinese blind person who moves the world?
The image of an invisible grandmother in a wheelchair comes to mind.
Although it is different from what I think, is the lawyer named Mitsuru Chen Mitsuru fine? , I want to borrow that person's wisdom.
Anyway, I'll tell you something strange can be useful when it continues.


by ko napi 2 months ago

Why protest anyway? It’s just China’s official secret act. Just like UK did 50 years ago

by Zayin Qi 2 months ago

Too bad any economic pressure will only be felt by the citizens. But it needs to be done. Transition everything out of China.

by Mr Wrestling 2 months ago

If the "powers that be"are creating money out of thin air does this not make a mockery of the people living on the streets.If they are making money out of thin air why don't they just print a bit more and give it straight to the poor.And if the economy can be shut down and then restarted by lending money that the "powers that be"have created out of thin air.Does this mean it's all a scam.

by HipHopChrissie 2 months ago

Foreign collusion eh... Better arrest yourself then.

by BombayMix 2 months ago

Well, we will now know that foreign companies will definitely move out.

by David Marjason 2 months ago

I knew the minute that bridge to the mainland was built "hong kong" was in trouble!

by MegaTechGuy 2 months ago

UK only controlled Hong Kong when UK had an Empire. That's all over. Learn to live with it.
What will UK Government do? Promote Prince Andrew to Admiral. and send him out to Hong Kong on the Good Ship 'Lolly Pop' or 'Captain Pug Washes Tugboat' and order China to hand Hong Kong back?
It's now 2020, not 1880!

by Harry Smith 2 months ago

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