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Draco Malfoy || Lovely

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" Isn't it lovely, all alone?
Heart made of glass, my mind of stone, Welcome Home "
(if it's too sharp, watch 720p, i accidentally made it too sharp :D)
" Years ago, I knew a boy who made all the wrong choices...."
Fandom: Harry Potter
Character: Draco Malfoy
Music: Billie Eilish, Khalid - Lovely
Coloring: Mine
Program: Sony Vegas 13
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by Evelyn Jackson 3 days ago

Rather than being 'the boy who made the wrong choices', he was actually 'the boy who had no choices'. Beautiful edit!!

by Prerana Kardile 1 year ago

at the end, the deleted scene where Draco's parents are calling him to join the dark lord Draco is waiting for someone to tell him to stay but nobody did :/

by Skyler Mendez 3 weeks ago

6 year old me: ugh hes so evil i hate him

me now: damn.. he really was broken huh

by l u n a l o v e g o o d 2 weeks ago

He was waiting. Waiting for someone to say "NO STAY DRACO PLEASE" but he didn't have any real friends. He's not just the boy who had no choice, he's the boy who was broken and had no real friends too.

by megan 2 weeks ago

Younger me: I hate Draco he's evil.


by Ghosting 2 weeks ago

I would legit pay lots of money just to read at watch the books in Draco's perspective

by Aniqa 1 month ago

In the last scene he didn't want to join his mother and father, he wanted to stay, but no one stoped him. Draco is a good person inside he just needs someone to help him find who he really is.

by Adriana Sanchez 2 weeks ago

Why doesn’t Tom Felton have an Oscar like c’mon bro...

by Cathy The Unicorn 1 week ago

So basicly Draco's life:
Born as a Malfoy
Told by his father to hate muggles
Goes to Hogwarts
Handshake rejected
Be enemies with Harry
My father will hear about this
Becomes Death Eater because of his parents
Forced to kill Dumbledore and let Death Eaters inside Hogwarts
Battle of Hogwarts
Don't want to go to the dark side but no one tells him to stay
Voldy gone
Daddy gets into Azkaban
Goes to Fred's Funeral
Gets married
Scorps is born
Son goes to Hogwarts
Son is friends with Albus Potter
Wife is dead
People are saying that Scorps is the son of Voldemort
Harry tells Al to not be friends with Scorpious
Son is missing
WoW :(

by 닉네임모르겠다ᅡ 2 weeks ago

Harry: The Boy who lived
Ron: The Boy who loved
Hermione: The Girl who knew
Draco: The Boy who had no choice...

by Emine 2 weeks ago

Harry: The Boy who lived
Ron: The Boy who loved
Hermione: The Girl who knew
Draco: The Boy who had no choice

by Biscuit 9 months ago

In the last scene when Draco's parents called him, he stayed there waiting for someone to stop him, but since no one did, he understood that no one really wanted him.//en la ultima escena cuando los padres de draco lo llamaron el se quedo ahi esperando a que alguien lo detuviera pero como nadie lo hice entendio que en realidad nadie lo queria de verdad

by Natalia Sanchez 2 weeks ago

People thinks Draco’s bad but really he’s life is sad, can’t do things he wants. He always have to listen to he’s parents.

by M Gab L. Dela Cruz 2 weeks ago

He just wanted someone to understand him. He wasnt a bad person. He was forced to be like that to protect his family from Voldemort. People are like well he was rude all the time. He didnt know any better! He wasnt raised up in a kind home. He was raised up with his father teaching him it's okay to be rude to others. You can see he wants to be a good person. But most if all he just wants to make his father proud. That's why he always says "Wait till my father hears about this!" Draco is misunderstood.

by ItzMe MARIO 3 weeks ago

As a kid I hated draco and just thought that he was evil but as I’ve grown I have come to understand his character more. I’ve understood that he wasn’t a villain, he was just broken. He was verbally abused by his dad. His mother was the only person who truly loved him and genuinely cared for him. I now understand how he was forced into things he didn’t want to do. I understand how he was never enough for his dad. I like him for more than just his looks like other people. I just want to help him and give him a hug. He seems so lonely. Every time I see a scene with him in it I nearly cry. He never wanted any of this. The only reason he was mean to Harry was because Harry rejected him the first year at hogwarts. Just imagine: you are 11 years old at a new school trying to be nice and make friends. You are rejected by the most popular boy at school. You get sorted into your house and try to forget what just happened. You get sorted into slytherin and everyone boos at you, everything goes downhill from there on. At the battle of hogwarts he was waiting for someone to tell him to stay. I would give anything to watch the films and read the books form his point of view. I feel so strongly about this I can’t express how much. He didn’t want any of this.

by Yesenia Ajiteru 1 week ago

Honestly I want to see the entire series through dracos perspective rather than Harry's

by Angel Sky Silver 1 year ago

It’s sad nobody realised how depressed he was inside but he always hid it and never spoke out that’s the sad thing 🥺

by Slytherin_bxby 5 days ago

When he said "Or hes gonna kill me.." literally BROKE ME

by saeed 1 week ago

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