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PSG 'FULLY BEHIND' Neymar on racist abuse allegations vs. Marseille - Julien Laurens | ESPN FC

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ESPN FC's Julien Laurens shares the latest on the investigation by Ligue 1's disciplinary committee into allegations that Paris Saint-Germain's Neymar was subjected to racist abuse during their 1-0 loss vs. Marseille. Laurens says PSG "have given their full support" to Neymar and put out a statement that they stand alongside their star in the fight against racism. Laurens also breaks down the possibility of the committee launching an investigation into allegations that PSG's Angel Di Maria spat on Marseille player Alvaro Gonzalez..
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ESPN UK photo 1 PSG 'FULLY BEHIND' Neymar on... ESPN UK photo 2 PSG 'FULLY BEHIND' Neymar on... ESPN UK photo 3 PSG 'FULLY BEHIND' Neymar on... ESPN UK photo 4 PSG 'FULLY BEHIND' Neymar on...

Pundits: the french league will lose fans over this brawl

*MMA fans have joined the chat

by genito 10 1 month ago

Neymar wasn’t his first victim.

by Nina 1 month ago

Neymar yea that marseille guy you could see his lips move. I usually dont like neymar but he hss a point.

by TC 11 1 month ago

This world has no place for racists.

by mr.sushi22 1 month ago

When Neymar doesn’t Roll and Actually takes action you know its true

by Jose Hernandez 1 month ago

I disagree with Julien. With PSG losing, that is going to attract more viewers because everyone hates PSG

by PL C 1 month ago

They released a video of the guys back but not at the front/face when he was talking haha keep hiding the TRUTH

by Zaki Yare 1 month ago

If true, Álvaro González should be sanctioned, if not, Neymar should.

by y1521t21b5 1 month ago

For the racist accusations and the spitting accusations...be honest did you really think FIFA would have done something....the truth will never come out sadly...its just accusations to our eyes only the 2 players know what happen

by Akeil Smith 1 month ago

It wasn't embarrassing at all. I guarantee every football fan enjoyed watching this game. This is how a derby should be, not kiss pat and hug like the Clasico.

by MartinBCN 1 month ago

Neymar FULLY BEHIND Neymar.... ??

by Mace Media 1 month ago

why would the tv station say it was true then say it wasn't? that's so weird man

by Burner Boy 1 month ago

Used to be a time when people said something you didnt like, you punched them in the mouth as a way to show that words have consequences. We have lost this. People walk around saying things with no consequences. I cant be everywhere at once and i only have 2 fists. I need help.

by Terry Lee 1 month ago

yeah gotta disagree..this is the first time I've been investing lots of time in Ligue 1..it's still just the beginning of the season but I hope they can keep the drama going..I'd love to see a two or three way battle for first place and/or PSG battling for a UCL spot..We'll see

by sokee13 1 month ago

Just goes to show, even went Neymar said "I'm not black" everyone else still sees a black man. Welcome to the struggle bruh.

by Jinn Jaxn 1 month ago

If I couldn't beat some farmers I'd be mad also 😂🤬💩

by My two bæs 1 month ago

Why would neymar lie he doesn’t care that much about Ligue 1

by Alan 1 month ago

Ya'll never heard of Jussie Smoullier?

EDIT :“Justice for Juicy”

by Palm Trees and Rum 1 month ago

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