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Shaka's Power Rankings: New No. 1 & Lionel Messi and Barcelona OUT | ESPN FC

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Shaka Hislop is back with his latest Power Rankings and at long last a new team has claimed the top spot, while Lionel Messi and Barcelona are nowhere to be found..
0:00 Shaka reveals his top 10
1:00 Don Hutchison makes his case for Glasgow Rangers to be in the number one spot..
2:13 Ale Moreno urges Shaka to reconsider his placement for Ligue 1 side Lille.
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ESPN FC photo 1 Shaka's Power Rankings: New No.... ESPN FC photo 2 Shaka's Power Rankings: New No.... ESPN FC photo 3 Shaka's Power Rankings: New No.... ESPN FC photo 4 Shaka's Power Rankings: New No....

Barca win 19 laliga games in row doesn't matter ...but lost one game means they are bad

by Austin samson 3 weeks ago

“The only good about your power rankings is the music” - Jules 😂

by Baldino Salvador 3 weeks ago

Guessing Shaka's power rankings correctly,is just as hard as hitting a fruit fly with a dart

by cheese pizza 3 weeks ago

“Don still angry...” headline at the bottom cracked me up 😂

by Ethan Avec 3 weeks ago

By dons logic the top 10 needs to include Al Sadd, Norwich, and the rangers 😂

by Ajay Jaggernauth 3 weeks ago

I love it when Shaka pretends that he has an algorithm for this list! 🤣

by Luke Watchorn 3 weeks ago

I love Shaka's power rankings

by Nicardo 3 weeks ago

This is my favorite segment every week

by gazamidori 3 weeks ago

My only question is why this segment is so short

by Daniel Wilson 3 weeks ago

I like the music they select for Shakas power rankling 😂

by Big duck Eugene 3 weeks ago

Watch out Shaka you might just be wrong again lol

by I sk 3 weeks ago

Shaka and his good Ol' algorithm.... lol

by Sammy S 3 weeks ago

Dan's told to wrap it up?! This is the best segment of the show the whole week lol

by Montfortracing 3 weeks ago

Actually this one is probably one of the better Shaka Rankings TBH.

by rmzidann 3 weeks ago

Wish they didnt have time limits😭

by JustinTime 3 weeks ago

When Shaka gets angry the Trini in him really shows 😂

by Rondell Dookran 3 weeks ago

If Barça win the Copa they will enter Shakas ranking again. I can already smell it 😂

by Perceptionist / 3 weeks ago

Ali just killed Shaka at the end there 😂😂

by Abyss 3 weeks ago

Scottish Premier league?.. Come on Don! Talk about Farmers’ League. 🤣

by rmzidann 3 weeks ago

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