north carolina tar heels vs florida state seminoles 2020 college footb

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Jordan Travis wasnโ€™t perfect, but he did what he had to do to get us the win.

by Heston C 2 weeks ago

Hope this is a sign of Florida State getting some good wins going foward.

by david boniface 2 weeks ago

Florida state always finds new ways to give us a heart attack

by letsgetit mon 2 weeks ago

Why didnโ€™t you show what happened after the catch lol

by Aidan Gelb 2 weeks ago

And . Watch Travis.
THATโ€™s a leader.

by amanda miller 2 weeks ago

Not a fan of either team. It looked to me like UNC woke up too late. I think they may have taken FSU too lightly as well.

by unapologeticwhiteman Winner 2 weeks ago

Bad editing once again , nice job cutting out the most important part of the game

by Arthur Rahman 2 weeks ago

Lol they should have included all the bad calls against FSU as well

by derek marra 2 weeks ago

I still canโ€™t believe we won...

by ObSiDiAn17 2 weeks ago

UNC dropped three first down catches in a row... ๐Ÿ’€ ๐Ÿ’€

by Oceanic Warrior 2 weeks ago

If they had put blackman in when travisโ€™ arm was hurt unc wouldve won

by Mike 2 weeks ago

Huh... shows FSU get to the 5 yard line. Next highlight shows UNC with the ball and FSU with no points. What happened?!

by Machtyn 2 weeks ago

So glad they finally changed qb, blackman just doesnt have that killer instinct look in his eye, nothing of him says great qb to me, travis does have that

by lu 2 weeks ago

Noles have to play against the the Tar Heels and the refs. ACC is the most bias conference ever.

by Jeremy Marsh 2 weeks ago

when did UNC become a top 5 ranked team in football? won't last after this...

by actuasco 2 weeks ago

The Fsu receivers look like they come down so softly ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Lil South 2 weeks ago

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