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[FREE BEATS] "THE TRAP PACK Vol. 1" | Trap Type Beats

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8 free beats FOR NON PROFIT! Also Free For Content Creators!.
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Trippin 0:00 |.
Ops Waiting 3:20 |
Paper Stack 6:35 |
Sync 9:48 |
Eternal 14:07 |
Banz 18:10 |
Tear 4 u 22:14 |
Baby Momz 25:22 |
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8 free beats FOR NON PROFIT! Also Free For Content Creators!
DL :

by EPIK THE DAWN 10 months ago

Yo Epik. Quick message of gratitude. You have kept me writing to all of your instrumentals. With your originality and all of the sound choices you use, I hope to hear you producing a record for the Elite of hip-hop and pop music if you haven't already. You that talented my g and I appreciate your content. Real shit from the 215.

by Qwksilva 10 months ago

Your beats make the verses and choruses just flow outta me bruh!!!! You're a true inspiration. Lookin' forward to lettin' the world know!!!

by Rootboy 555 2 weeks ago

Тусишь вместе с фэнами, не можешь выбрать одной вещи
Мультибрендовой, я мультибрендовый (ой, как пиздишь)
Вместе с трендами, вместе с фэнами пиздить чужие фишки
Ты ж тут ноешь мультибрендовый
Но всего не выкупишь, но всего не выкуришь
Но всего не выучишь, но всего не спиздишь!
Но всего не выкупишь, но всего не выкуришь
Но всего не выучишь, но всего не спиздишь

by Uluk Koshbaev 1 month ago

🔥👍🔊🎵 muy buenos beat pana exitos y bendiciones saludos desde argentina

by LOK FAMILY OFICIAL 2 weeks ago

Bro you got me reaching in my bag pulling out the beast in me...

by JoJoPoetic Style 1 month ago

Я в такой же майке, что и десять лет назад
Правда тот квадрат был довольно тесноват
Блокнул их лейап, сделал в стиле акробат
Запах дыма и закат, мы богаты без зарплат
Этот трек я помню на кассете (2002)
Вклеил минут 15 в середине, чтобы записать его
Щас включил всё на виниле, в косяке не палево
В меру хапнул пиздеца, в меру волевой
Чтоб могли вот так здесь собраться (эй-эй)
И это было нелегко, если вкратце
Не аул — svo, а много лет утекло с потом
Здесь вокруг, как будто спид-инфо, папарацци
Вам нужны бельё и хлеб, а мы жарим мясо

by Uluk Koshbaev 1 month ago

People will listen to Y.J's songs 🙏🥶 manifest your future.... 😈

by y j 3 months ago

I feel the beat starting from the soles of my feet, from my seat I arise , its sunrise and already I am ready to unpack the heat thats been built in my chest from unexpessed cataclysmic mentality cultivated by the farmers of the time 😤 Anger bestowed, my Angels surround they can hear the sound of my pounding heart angry we've aloud ourselves to be hell bound for so long however my true purpose never minds the stillness in this time, but the entrapment of the mind feels confined by illusions of slowed time with minds held in the field of the matrix unchanging hearts bc of Instiutionalized arts
garbage for the minds , making us rot from thee inside , can't you see what we have become?
Dangerously controlled population Genocide surveillance telling us we can't say this, Narcissistic systems directed to anyone who would dare to say this
humanity is still undefined to the truest essence of life organic ancient Historian times let me open your minds eye to the beginnings when Lemorians and Atlantians not only survived but their humanity Thrives Mother Gia Wealthy Full & Healthly, time where universal laws were Natural to us when government is what we did for ourselves un povered, working together , empowered , health abound and attuned to the power creation was ours a birth right, beautiful life fibinachi flower feel the glory of creations power
what we created turned on us as pure hatred spread through the veins from unlawful gains spreading sickness though spells with words used evily conspired for one groups own power , unwell , Distracted by hell its hard to even think for ourselves
truths devoured, covered by lies, buried alive but
Truth will never die
Forgiveness I give to all the Horid events 🙏 A prayer for all to seek after Truth for whatever it is that will make you a better you

Again we will arise
separation between you and I ? we and they?
drawing lines will never open the sands of time
Do you truly want to awaken this earth time? I'm crying for help to Realign our earth to her wellness, re introduce humanity as our Hienice
we suffer now but I'm telling you we can turn this around
Its power struggle an internal and external battle
no ones fault but our own we consented to the veiling of our truth it wasnt just I but we it wasn't just them but we
United we stand
As Angels we descended from the sky we are looking through lucifers eyes , you and I

Empathic star seeds we have come
God is not Dead, We have come 🙏 come to water the seeds Given by our forefathers who preached for our rights and reached for the stars and prayed for a new start
We have endured injustices that Christ said we would, constantly internalized lies about our selves, about what it is to be a human,
Im advanced to the times internalized every nationality, every race, every inch and space of living , every emotion know to mankind, every difference every single duality in the matrix we are here we've got to break this, let the kingdom come to earth as it is in heaven , re unite to our connection
beloved you are who you are waiting for don't let these twisted fucked up times , make you question your reason for being alive
We have to turn this around
Sickness spread to the masses
mass oppresses
Agencies acting like the masses are helpless un resourceful masks sending billion dollars to one individual
Not to mention to whome has consumed all the Government lies so they don't know whats right ,
Thats A lot of money for one person just to survive 💯 😕
Just a suggestion to revise , we have people starving ?
Sick and twisted humanity The kingdom of heaven is with in YOU, that is where the truth resides the seed of truth buried inside so when we reached age we would bare the fruit of the truth spread healing to the youth
Internalized Global warfare thought to my self I'd rather die than to be here
Hurt and pained inside bruised and battered saddened to what we've done the Angels help to quiet my mind in hopes that I find the answers they provide to my body inside- for 26 years theyve lifted my eyes from the tyranny re assuring me this isn't my fight alone but the battle of The Gods .
Looks toward the sunshine
I will set my sight right
I will to feel blessed to be alive

At this time, Im aware of everything unfair un justice at the core
Im Praying God please awaken me from this sleep, please. steady making wrong decisions, soul contributions to this world & its a me, just a me collectively.
I understand the wrongs I do now
that I found you in all that surrounds
Interconnected web design Online before wifi went online power explored from the natural source Speed

by weAre HeirOfSalvation 4 weeks ago


by HI-Z 2 weeks ago

fire beats my bro ill definitely bless them for you!!!!

by Mello Gambino 4 weeks ago

This isn't trap it's god gift I love all these beats an i wanna buy them no capp

by Joshua Tyson 4 weeks ago

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