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Power Out in Five Nights at Freddy's 4

epicsurfingvids photo 1 Power Out in Five Nights... epicsurfingvids photo 2 Power Out in Five Nights... epicsurfingvids photo 3 Power Out in Five Nights... epicsurfingvids photo 4 Power Out in Five Nights...

This is some great work!

by WayTwo 5 years ago

Freddy: knocks on door
Kid: opens door
Freddy: 'Sup?
Kid: ... slams door on Freddy

by NylaTheWolf 4 years ago

he should have shut the door in his face ๐Ÿ˜‚

by FireCactus101 4 years ago

God damnit Nightmare BB...

He managed to take my "Sweet succulent AA Batteries."

by Taylor Jackson 4 years ago

heh i like how he runs to the door like,
runs closer
runs back

by Good Face 5 years ago

close the door
and how do you run out of power when the power is off for real

by Jesus Christ 4 years ago

Jumpscare animation looks pretty well cleaned, good work! :D

by Ponguj 5 years ago

Why do people keep calling epicsurfingvids Scott?

by Timothy Morris 5 years ago

I don't think I'd run up to him like that. XD

"Oh boy, a killer robot! I'm gonna go see him! (โŠ™UโŠ™)"

by Dylan J. C. 5 years ago

Freddy: *Is about to kill the child*
Child: I have decided that I want to YOLOOOOOOOOO.

by Polyluka 6 months ago

This was the most amazing one yet! Freddy at the door was incredibly creepy.

by Brandon JS Lea 5 years ago

Whoa that is awesome! You sir, have skills! :D

by Shader1019 5 years ago

You did well, Scott
I'm impressed

by Celi 5 years ago

I guess you could say it left me IN THE DARK!!!

by Shoe Shiner 5 years ago

Power out in fnaf 4

โ€œThatโ€™s the point, sergeant.โ€ (Itโ€™s a joke btw)

by Kosaku Kawajiri 7 months ago

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