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WHAT I DO IN A DAY *at home*

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i don't really do much
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I LUV U, -emma chamberlain

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I can’t be the only one who is genuinely proud of her , she’s living her best, unproblematic life

by Yahaira Ramirez 4 months ago

Are we not gonna talk about that fire ass house that she has and she’s only 19 like omfg Emma is WINNING

by Baddie Carter 4 months ago

i love how real Emma is, shes not fake at all and i'm here for it.

by Lucy Fresch 4 months ago

Emma on her 15th coffee of the day- “OOH that’s really good” lmao

by katie lave 4 months ago

emmas videos always make my day. every time.

by Yasmyn Switzer 4 months ago

Emma is the only female YouTuber that doesn’t make you feel so insecure after watching, and it’s not because she’s ugly or WHATEVER but it’s because she’s real. I love her and hope she’s doing well.

by Allyssa Nicolee 5 months ago

“we don’t deserve dogs or pesto” quote of the year

by kara 4 months ago

Other youtubers: *spends thousands of dollars for video*
Me: gets bored halfway through
Emma: *films her drinking coffee and laying in bed
Me: *watches whole video and wanting more* 😂

by Forever a Loser 3 months ago

I feel like crying bc I remember when her and her mom used to live in an apartment and she would diy clothes and now she’s in a house living her best life going to fashion shows so if anyone has never told you... Emma, I’m proud of u my mom and I are currently in an apartment and I have to diy a lot of things too and when I watch ur videos I tell myself that I’m gna be like you I love you ❤️

by Ariel Glover 3 months ago

Emma’s screentime is 7 hours while mine is 14...

by Nahomi Guerrero 4 months ago

“if you’re normal you walk into your closet.”

um emma, sorry but i’m not a millionaire 😂

by jaide williams 4 months ago

sorry emma can't relate

we can't all walk out of our closets

by Lola Zimet 3 months ago

I love how she can just swear in front of her mom and her mom doesn’t care at all 😂

by Madison Duxbury 4 months ago

does she only eat one small meal-

by gabi 3 months ago

Use this as we need a house tour button

Never had this many likes😍😍

by _queenz_x ** 5 months ago

why has emma moved like 3 times in the past 2 years

by Reilly Collins 4 months ago

like she’s just naturally funny and i love her

by Allie Melhorn 4 months ago

Really sad whenever I hear Emma say that she looks bad, if you’re popular on the internet, you’re most likely attractive. Looks aren’t everything but she deserves to feel good in her own skin

by One Day 4 months ago

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