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what i actually do in a day.

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i did NOT go grocery shopping
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I LUV U, -emma chamberlain

emma chamberlain photo 1 what i actually do in... emma chamberlain photo 2 what i actually do in... emma chamberlain photo 3 what i actually do in... emma chamberlain photo 4 what i actually do in...

Love how she shows what she acctually does instead of trying to be trendy and pretending like her life is perfect and glamorous

by Emma Lmk 8 months ago

I can’t stop imagining Emma getting into her house, setting the camara and then filming herself getting into the house again with her bag and keys😂😂

by natsue yamamoto 9 months ago

emma: "I'm my own mom now."
*calls mom to call her credit card company for her

by Katelyn Borello 9 months ago

“I don’t do anything interesting” literally after coming out of a Louis Vuitton fitting lmao.

by vapegodash 9 months ago

“I really don’t do anything interesting” goes to fitting at Louis Vuitton

by Manuela Quiroga 9 months ago

emma's conversations with her mom always have me ROLLING

by sarah joy 6 months ago

who else was surprised when she didn’t go soul cycle

by tilda anderson 9 months ago

I just realized she doesn’t do me editing thing anymore :(.

by melody dash 9 months ago

Who’s binge watching Emma

by Indiana Skye 8 months ago

“i’ve gotten bored of my own life”

if that isn’t a mood and a half-

by trash 9 months ago

"I'm starving!!" I'm used to Trisha's 2000 calorie meals.. Wasn't expecting granola and almond milk....

by Stacy R 9 months ago

moral of the story: she didn't go grocery shopping

by Roohi Gill 9 months ago

When She said she parked in a cash only parking garage, I had flashbacks to the sister squad video where she and James literally did the same thing and had to beg people for cash lmao.

by Bailey 5 months ago

She should make merch that says “I’ve been drinking a lot of matcha recently” she says that every video

by yaliso gioouy 9 months ago

“My life isn’t interesting”
goes to Louis Vuitton fitting
records podcast
going on trip in a week

This isn’t hate, I love Emma’s videos lol. Just trying to joke around ya kno

by Holly Reardon 9 months ago

no one:
not a single soul:
EVERYone in this comment section: "Emma - "I don’t do anything interesting" Also Emma- "just came out of a Louis Vuitton fitting"

by Fanny Tegethoff 9 months ago

imagine just shopping and emma chamberlin approaches you begging for cash

by el scott 8 months ago

you and your mom on the phone is literally the funniest thing I LOVE HER LAUGH

by Jia-li Sanchez 9 months ago

emma: “i’m my own mom now”
also emma: “so my mom is calling the credit card company”

by sxpergxri 9 months ago

“I really don’t do anything interesting” goes to fitting at Louis Vuitton

by Macy Thompson 9 months ago

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