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I LUV U, -emma chamberlain


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dude she’s 18 years old. she’s not gonna act like a 15 year old her entire life. get over it.

by shae hilde 10 months ago

Emma started the whole vsco girl cult then left it

by Asia Washington 9 months ago

oLd Emma: had mental breakdowns all the time, insecure, and less happy
New Emma: secure in herself, happy, starting her own business, thriving

Everyone: i miSS tHe oLd EmMa

by Quincy S 7 months ago

Emma: Has more confidence in herself

Her comments: i mIsS tHE oLd EmMAaAaAaaAaa

by beauty audios 9 months ago

who’s here after she dyed her hair back blonde

by Nyla Liggons 2 months ago

People just can‘t accept progress and that‘s what actually sucks

by Rykensnow 9 months ago

puts bun at the top of her head*

“why is there a lump??”

by Indigo Detry 9 months ago

“The new Emma” is better in my opinion because I feel like she’s being more herself, she’s not trynna be like others and you can obviously see that.

by Videos By Rose 8 months ago

“in my opinion, i like myself better now” that’s all that matters, emma

by GrimReaper'sGirl _ 10 months ago

The only thing I think you should do again is baking with Emma. But idrc

by Nae Nae C 9 months ago

youtube said this video was posted 6 months ago so in my head i was line “ok so it was posted in like july 2019” NO IT WAS POSTED IN OCTOBER. HOW TF WAS OCTOBER 6 MONTHS AGO

by Myra Glass 3 months ago

She litterlly just grew up and matured y’all pressed for no reason

by XoRuby WhiteXo 8 months ago

Am I the only one that doesn’t think she’s changed, but just grown up and made more money? Still think she is authentic to who she is despite her success.

by Alexandra Saenz 8 months ago

“I literally used to be a VSCO girl” hunni you invented the VSCO girl

by Belle lally 10 months ago

this video should've been titled: "emma chamberlain having an identity crisis for 10 minutes and 49 seconds"

by perlita martinez 9 months ago

ppl love to hate, just let this girl live her life and be who she wants to be Jesus christ

by sanaa zoë 9 months ago

I miss the old emma, straight from the 'Go emma
Chop up the soul emma, set on her goals emma
I hate the new emma, the good mood emma
The always nice emma, spaz in the news emma
I miss the careless emma, chop up the beats emma
I gotta to say at that time I'd like to meet emma
See before emma invented emma, it wasn't any emma
And now I look and look around and there's so many emmas
I used to love emma, I used to love emma
I even had the yellow beanie, I thought I was emma
What if emma made a vlog about emma
Called "I Miss The Old emma, " man that would be so emma
That's all it was emma, we still love emma
And I love you like emma loves emma

by Rudy Montes 9 months ago

Me: ...

Emma: Burps

Me: Ya she hasn’t changed

by Andrea Mason 7 months ago

"I was a literal vsco girl two years ago"
uhh ya Emma , you were LITERALLY the creator of vsco girls

by Manuela Quiroga 10 months ago

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