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#trying meat for the first time

emma chamberlain photo 1 VEGETARIAN TRIES MEAT FOR THE... emma chamberlain photo 2 VEGETARIAN TRIES MEAT FOR THE... emma chamberlain photo 3 VEGETARIAN TRIES MEAT FOR THE... emma chamberlain photo 4 VEGETARIAN TRIES MEAT FOR THE...

Looking back at this now, they were definitely dating.

by stacey G 4 months ago

ethan and emma flirting for 15 minutes straight

by Noura Mohamed 4 months ago

This is how many people are watching in 2020 during Corona 👇🏾

by Teresa Solorio 5 months ago

I’m rewatching it at 2020 and it’s so crazy how things have changed. We haven’t seen them together in such a long time and now the Dolan Twins are even VEGAN 😂

by Valentina Espinoza 5 months ago

if you’re reading this i hope you become rich lol

by jada schoppe 1 year ago

This is how many people miss the sister squad

by Su1tan 8 months ago

I miss the Dolan twins and Emma hanging out :(

by Najibah 8 months ago

remember when grayson told james that he'd only worn that shirt once

by Elena 6 months ago

the way Emma looked at Ethan as he walked around the table, they were definitely dating

by Ella 3 months ago

Grayson bailey dolan being alone and quiet for 15min and 11sec

by dunkin.charlxi 5 months ago

this is how many people want the sister squad to get back together

by MaddieArnasonMusic 3 months ago

no one emma’s editing: pUt tHe LiMe iN tHe cOcOnut 🥥

by Jaxson M Castillo 1 year ago

I love how quiet and shy Grayson was in this vid.

by Sonia 388 2 months ago

why did i take this friendship for granted and what is wrong with me

by M J 3 months ago

Am i the only one who binge watched every single one of emma’s videos bc of quarantine?

by Alexandra Cazan 4 months ago

grayson: 3rd wheeling for 15 minutes straight

by random YT 11 months ago

who’s watching this in 2020 🥺

by Lisa Rose 8 months ago

if you turn on captions, every time the music comes on it says "sexy music" and i just find that really funny lol

by Triveda Nellutla 8 months ago

this is literally 15 mins straight of ethma 🥺

by Alex 4 months ago

ethan: big bite
Emma takes a bite
Ethan: oHh WoW

by Tea Cup 7 months ago

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