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emma chamberlain photo 1 THRIFTING IN NEW YORK CITY emma chamberlain photo 2 THRIFTING IN NEW YORK CITY emma chamberlain photo 3 THRIFTING IN NEW YORK CITY emma chamberlain photo 4 THRIFTING IN NEW YORK CITY

am i the only one who actually finds her videos still entertaining????

by uriel angela 10 months ago

People are hating on her for being rich when THEY made her rich by watching her 😭

by Mar Rodríguez 5 months ago

everyone saying “shes just rich and bored” yes she is rich and bored but she earned all of her money. yall just salty because she has money and a fun life haha

by xo. baileyy_ 5 months ago

pov : your looking for hate comments but cant find any

by Caitlin Edgar 3 months ago

why is everyone hating on emma? she worked hard to get where she is, why y’all so salty omg!

by ganggang 11 months ago

Emma is literally body goals 😫

by vicsic vlogs 11 months ago

woah the amount of shade in the comments lmao

by Marlene Stein 11 months ago

Why is everyone attacking her for just acting normal lmaoo

by annie m 8 months ago

Emma what r these prices. These aren’t thrifting prices

by grady 11 months ago

this video is rlly cool bc it seems like we're just hanging out with her as her bsf lol its fun

by Vanessa Chan 8 months ago

funny how I've never seen people hating on male youtubers for being rich

by lmao yeet 3 weeks ago

There’s so many negative comments. I enjoyed this video whole heartedly. I literally felt like I just spent the day with you and I’m laying in my bed drooling on my pillow.

by Angel Holland 9 months ago

is this what it’s like to just have money

by jillyoungmoney 11 months ago

emma: “its so ugly”
also emma: slays the whole outfit

by Karli Marume 10 months ago

everyone : wHy Is EvErYoNe HaTiNg On EmMa ?
me : trying to find hate comments but don't find any 👁👄👁

by alice thrl 1 week ago

she’s literally in my dream place and she just decides to stay in her hotel...

by Aly M 11 months ago

she's still Emma...she just has more money. she's still Emma who thrifts and loves coffee. nothing changed except she makes bank

by Paige Braaf 4 months ago

how can emma make those green and purple shorts looks GOOD?! if i wore those i’d look like a young boy on his first cruise to the bahamas for his 7th birthday

by avery grace 11 months ago

She literally specified that this is her free day, Yall saying omg shes rich and just complaining all the time. Shes busy being an influencer especially when youre so popular and more people want you for promos.

by Mr Sid 6 months ago

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