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I LUV U, -emma chamberlain

#pulling an all nighter

emma chamberlain photo 1 THE ULTIMATE SUMMER ALL NIGHTER emma chamberlain photo 2 THE ULTIMATE SUMMER ALL NIGHTER emma chamberlain photo 3 THE ULTIMATE SUMMER ALL NIGHTER emma chamberlain photo 4 THE ULTIMATE SUMMER ALL NIGHTER

shes literally doing nothing and im so entertained

by ruby kelsall 1 year ago

Anyone here during corona because they are missing summer of 2k19

by Farah Abdulwahab 4 months ago

Just me wondering why she’s still alive I mean walking on a road at 3 am in La is not the smartest thing

by youdon'tknow me 1 year ago

Me: gets bored.
Me 2 minutes later:

watches Emma chamberlains whole channel.

by Destiny Love 1 year ago

BRO Emma is so right it literally doesn't feel like summer this year at ALL

by Caitlyn Slinkard 1 year ago

She was so genuine in this video and she looks so healthy and pretty (She always looks pretty) but im proud

by amourszn 1 year ago

* rewatching emma’s whole channel during quarantine *

by kahala f 5 months ago

am i the only one who’s concerned for emma’s safety, it’s rlly late and she’s alone at night un L.A, like 👀💀, and my anxiety be like: 📈📉

by Sobhita Singh 3 months ago

emma at 4 am: "ok im starting to get tired"
me at 10 pm while watching this video: almost falling asleep

by ava hancharick 1 year ago

Are we ever going to get the story of what happened at your moms place and why you had to move out??? Am I the only one that remembers this?! 🤔

by Danielle Mercado ツ 1 year ago

“I am a morning person when I wake up, but like usually I don’t wake up so..”


by Harley Pops 1 year ago

okay but why do you look so pretty at 4 in the morning

by Mia Heeley 4 months ago

I SAW U AT HOLLISTER. it was a picture. BUT STILL

by Jennifer M 1 year ago

"you'll never see no one in the streets of LA" lmao a few months later a pandemic has cleared everyone out

by Kahlen Flexman 5 months ago

emma drinking tea, only saying like 2 cuss words, being very calm, struggling to pull an all nighter WHO IS SHE

by dhehhsh hdnsnd 1 year ago

emma barely cusses when she’s tired😂😂she seems like a whole different person

by ellie smith 1 year ago

Emma half the population is asleep when its day for you on the other side of the planet it would be night.

by Laurie 1 year ago

she put the camera In the car, got out and got back in. things you do for youtube.

by Jihanna Hossain 1 year ago

my anxiety levels when she was at the pink wall were so high i was just thinking what if someone popped out😫😫🤭

by becca howey 1 year ago

When Emma said summer 2019 doesn’t feel like summer I FELT THAT

by sara mustafi 1 year ago

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