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excuse the potty mouth and unnecessary use of the word "lowkey"
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I LUV U, -emma chamberlain

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emma chamberlain photo 1 REACTING TO MY OLD VIDEOS... emma chamberlain photo 2 REACTING TO MY OLD VIDEOS... emma chamberlain photo 3 REACTING TO MY OLD VIDEOS... emma chamberlain photo 4 REACTING TO MY OLD VIDEOS...

sorry for the unnecessary cussing i promise ill watch my potty mouth next time LOL

by emma chamberlain 7 months ago

i wish the old Emma could react to the Emma today

by Lily May 6 months ago

Why do I feel like she was roasting a complete stranger ??

by Grace Casey 6 months ago

I don’t think that ANYONE has ever criticised Emma like Emma herself..

by Samridhi Surya 6 months ago

emma’s voice then: 💞✨💅😊🎀💝 emma’s voice now: 💚✂️🗑🦠🚬🦟

by Kimia Nekoui 6 months ago

i love how she hates her 16 year old self but her profile picture on youtube is 16 year old her

by lizzieee 7 months ago

emma then: hey guys! hello everyone!
emma now: burps

by daisyequine 3 months ago

emma is one of the only people i’ve seen on youtube that has drastically changed within three years

by madelyn 6 months ago

“fourth outfit was okay, it was a little bit weird.”
i- it’s a plain white shirt and jean shorts...

by cOrBeAn BeSsOn 6 months ago

In a year she’s gonna be like “ew I did tik tok dances all the time”

by I- 5 months ago

In three more years, she’s going to say “ew I said “Low key” in every other sentence.”

by Jillian Michele G. 7 months ago

Who’s binge watching Emma in quarantine? 🙋🏽‍♀️

by Cloe Clark 5 months ago

Why does the old Emma have a voice. Like it doesn’t sound like she’s losing her voice

by Sarah Bailey 6 months ago

Can we just appreciate how pretty emma actually is

by Bori Szakos 2 months ago

Emma should’ve reacted to the sister squad videos period

by hey stob it 5 months ago

i don’t “miss” the old emma, but i don’t hate her ya know? like i appreciate her. old emma walked so new emma could run.

by claire 7 months ago

Why does she have Billie eilish language and kinda looks like her and also sounds like Jojo siwa??!
( omg 100 likes I've literally forgot about this comment loll)

by Nour Haitham 3 months ago

It’s like as she got older she slowly started to sound like jojo siwa

by Alexa Jones 6 months ago

i remember getting really excited whenever she posted a new cooking with emma

by Marley DeRoo 6 months ago

I feel like old emma and new emma would dislike eachother...

by Ella Arnold 2 months ago

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