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sleep is for the weak
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Who else is watching this 2 years later?

by Jake Stanton 4 months ago

“my heart was like BEATING”
yes Emma, that’s how humans stay alive.

by Jada Kepkie 1 year ago

still hoping for that story... :D

by Izabel 6 months ago

my all nighters are just me watching you

by Haley Morales 2 years ago

Who’s here in 2020? And does anyone know what happened that was scary in her old apartment?

by Maydel Almaguer 6 months ago

why was this video deleted for like a year??? anyone else notice

by Petra Tambouras 7 months ago

im still waiting for that horror story about why she moved to la

by your majesty 6 months ago

Emma: *pullin an all-nighter”
Me: pullin all-nighter while watchin emma pullin an all-nighter

by Gigi 1 year ago

“I tried to lay in bed but my heart was like beating”

Well I sure hope so

by Stupid Idiot 1 year ago

When I pull all nighters I have to stay in my room and watch YouTube at a low volume :/

by X Scarlett X 1 year ago

Who’s still waiting for the video about why she moved???

by peyton eldridge 6 months ago

Emma : buying reusable straw
To save the world .

Also Emma : drinking from a plastic cup

by Mateo Carmona 5 months ago

To be honest, how does Emma survive being alone all night talking to a camera? She has some SKILLS

by Abrielle Manalo 1 year ago

"I pull an unhealthy amount of all nighters, like once a week"
all of us during COVID19: sleep at 6:00 AM everyday.

by Huda Atta 2 months ago

Emma: Talking loud while pulling an all nighter
Me: To scared to push the home button on my iPad

by ThePurpleCats 55 2 months ago

Emma:there is nothing to do at night

Me:rewatching all Emma’s video at 3:30 am I-

by Lamees Xoxo 1 year ago

I pulled an all nighters for a month straight

That's probably so unhealthy

by litzy bitzy spider 1 year ago

emma's attitude during this entire video is a big mood honestly

by SweetTreats 2 years ago

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