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jack and jill
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I LUV U, -emma chamberlain

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emma chamberlain photo 1 PHOTOSHOOT FT. MENTAL BREAKDOWN emma chamberlain photo 2 PHOTOSHOOT FT. MENTAL BREAKDOWN emma chamberlain photo 3 PHOTOSHOOT FT. MENTAL BREAKDOWN emma chamberlain photo 4 PHOTOSHOOT FT. MENTAL BREAKDOWN

Are you in quarantine binge watching Emma’s vlogs....Cause SAME

by Hlubi Amahle 6 months ago

anyone here in may of 2020 missing this trio

by Garrett Halak 4 months ago

Ellie crying laughing and saying “I’m not doing well” is the whole mood

by Gabby K 1 year ago

Anyone else here in 2020 in January and is sitting in bed tangled in a blanket freezing to death? Cause SAME

by Liv Loeffler 8 months ago

i think ill always have like a spiritual connection to this vlog like ive no joke seen it like 15 times and still love it SO MUCH ugh

by Paula M 8 months ago

Who's here after she dyed her hair blonde ?? I hope it's not just me lmao

by reg 2 months ago

don't get me wrong I love Amanda and Olivia but she seemed so happy with Hannah and Ellie and I miss themmmmmmmmm :(

by nancy talley 3 months ago

Who wants this group to come back

by Brandi Lynn 7 months ago

i think ellie might be one of my new favorite people

by Lillian Samms 2 years ago

POV: this isn’t your first time watching this

by kammy makkk 4 months ago

Emma: what’s up beetch

Hannah: hey guys!

Shows their personalities so well .... 😂

by Ellie Stein 7 months ago

when she called her nubbin then showed the definition i DIED AHAHAHAHA

by Frances Cook 6 months ago

the amount of times i’ve watched this vlog is.......UNHEALTHY

by Lauren Caveza 1 year ago

When Ellie said “ omg I feel so sick “ I low key freaked out but then I remembered this was before corona virus😂

by Emily Mason 6 months ago

I really want a Ellie in my life

by Emma claire 8 months ago

i'm sorry, I feel like they were overreacting so much. But ellie was a whole mood at the beginning, love her;)

by hanna chee 1 week ago

I wish this friend group was still a thing :(

by Sina Fahmy 4 months ago

i always wondered why i had creepy older people watching my videos. but now, i'm that creepy older guy watching a 17 year old girl's videos. so yeah.

by Arlin Moore 2 years ago

Am I only one who is here in 2019 (November) ? Yep I miss them
EDITED: I am still here in January 2020 🤪

by Mariam Khitarishvili 10 months ago

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