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no more postmates for me! lol!
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#cooking with emma

emma chamberlain photo 1 I MADE MYSELF DINNER emma chamberlain photo 2 I MADE MYSELF DINNER emma chamberlain photo 3 I MADE MYSELF DINNER emma chamberlain photo 4 I MADE MYSELF DINNER

like this if you’re on a emma chamberlain marathon during quarantine

by Noura Mohamed 4 months ago

Is anyone gonna tell her?

she forgot to wash the lettuce

by Kaleb Nolasco 1 year ago

Who else is watching Emma Chamberlain when they should be doing online school? Just me ok then

by Ivette Bee 5 months ago

She Atacc
She Protecc
But most importantly..

She made a delicious Macc

by Choi Sunflower 1 year ago

"That was so much oil!" If you know, you know.

by Janise xox 1 year ago

i’m still trying to fine kian and jcs comment “I LIKE TO COOK” and it’s been almost two years

by Clarissa Vasquez 2 months ago

anyone else looking for knj's comment😂

by julia h 1 year ago


Not even Emma:

Absolutely no nobody :

Everyone in the comments: I'm NoT dOiNg WeLl!!!!! Emma: I'm so glad!

by C H I L L 1 year ago

My future child:
Hey mum how did u learn to cook
i watched Emma Chamberlain

by sweetandsoursauce 1 year ago

Where’s kien and jc comment I like to cook😂😂

by It’s.yaireliz 1 year ago

The fact that she's still using those long straws has me dead lol

by Lil Narish 1 year ago

"i can't get over her bun. it's just so bunny" if u know, u know

by cbubble07 7 months ago

let’s be honest, you’re either rewatching Emma vids or here from Kian and JC

by emily black 1 month ago

Who else is tryna look for jc and kians comment bc I definitely am

by Alexia Davis 1 year ago

That straw is longer than my future

by ida ali 1 year ago

i don’t know maybe my parents didn’t TrAiN mE pRoPeRlY

by alyssa kirk 1 year ago

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