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well.... now you've seen me cry. so..
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emma chamberlain photo 1 HOT GIRL SUMMER MAKEOVER *i... emma chamberlain photo 2 HOT GIRL SUMMER MAKEOVER *i... emma chamberlain photo 3 HOT GIRL SUMMER MAKEOVER *i... emma chamberlain photo 4 HOT GIRL SUMMER MAKEOVER *i...

anyone else been binging Emma's videos sm over this quarantine? It's gotten so bad I literally started one to cope with the boredom

by Trinity Cha 3 months ago

I actually like her hair darker it looks healthy

by Katie George 10 months ago

Who else is here after she dyed her hair blond?

by Rovensky Alcin 1 month ago

"Summer didnt even happen this year."

That did not age well.

by abby ankrah 3 months ago

Am I the only one that thinks that Emma’s new hair color actually suits her..? Lmao.

by MalouNel 11 months ago

I feel like every girl going from light to dark hair all of a sudden has clearer skin and better atitudes and im here for that lmfaoo

by Je Je 10 months ago

who’s here after she dyed her hair blonde

by Hana x 1 month ago

*watches this video after she bleached her whole head*

by Christin Deene 1 month ago

I honestly think you look rlly good with dark brown hair. It compliments ur skin tone and eye color.

by Skylar C 11 months ago

It isn’t an Emma chamberlain video is she doesn’t burp or touch her hair

by Kimberly Perez 10 months ago


by Ella Graham 10 months ago

She literally looks so good with dark hair... wtf

by Jordan Stevens 9 months ago

Am I the only one who actually loves her hair? It compliments her skin tone and makes her eye color pop!

by Chrisa T 11 months ago

Emma: "I'm gonna get my hair blonde ombré"
Also Emma: gets her hair darker

((i like it tho))

by Rae 10 months ago

who else is coming from the" dying my hair blonde" video?

by Emaaa Contreras 1 month ago

Quranantine got me watching all of Emma’s videos and I’m not even a fan

by Sofia Armando 4 months ago

ok so i just watched her blonde hair vid and it’s 2020 but like i’m literally obsessed with her dark hair like what

by Ahnnalie Hill 1 month ago

emma is so humble and sweet for trying to make sure it was clear that the hair stylist was good

by anastasia 11 months ago

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