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well.... now you've seen me cry. so..
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emma chamberlain photo 1 HOT GIRL SUMMER MAKEOVER *i... emma chamberlain photo 2 HOT GIRL SUMMER MAKEOVER *i... emma chamberlain photo 3 HOT GIRL SUMMER MAKEOVER *i... emma chamberlain photo 4 HOT GIRL SUMMER MAKEOVER *i...

the hair makes ur eyes look more blue and ur skin more tan, 10/10 a good choice

by Luke Alexander 1 year ago

who's here after she dyed her hair back to this colour LOL

by jed 6 days ago

Who else is here after she dyed her hair blond?

by Rovensky Alcin 6 months ago

anyone else been binging Emma's videos sm over this quarantine? It's gotten so bad I literally started one to cope with the boredom

by Trinity Cha 9 months ago

"Summer didnt even happen this year."

That did not age well.

by abby ankrah 9 months ago

I actually like her hair darker it looks healthy

by Katie George 1 year ago

who else is here after she dyed her hair dark brown again ?!!?!

by yourbooyiggy 6 days ago

pov: you're here after she dyed her hair back to brunette and references that time she cried last time she dyed her hair brown

by Julia Concolino 6 days ago

Who’s here after she dyed her hair blonde again..then back brown😂

by Mad BABY 6 days ago

Am I the only one that thinks that Emma’s new hair color actually suits her..? Lmao.

by MalouNel 1 year ago

*watches this video after she bleached her whole head*

by Christin Deene 6 months ago

It isn’t an Emma chamberlain video is she doesn’t burp or touch her hair

by Kimberly Perez 1 year ago

who’s here after she dyed her hair blonde

by Hana x 6 months ago

NOT LYING - the darker hair makes you look beautiful! Your tan looks darker, your eyes pop and you look like a sexy and mature college student! I have never seen a hair colour make such an impact on physical features before. (also kind of shocked myself as to how much MY perception of others is based on tv/film visual stereotypes! - i'll have to fix that) You really pull off the dark hair!!! I hope you end up loving it. xx

by Renee Christie 1 year ago

She literally looks so good with dark hair... wtf

by Jordan Stevens 1 year ago

she is such a different person now like she has grown so much

by Nicole Friedman 6 days ago

who's here after she dyed her hair brown again

by Anika Patil 6 days ago

honestly the dark brown was a serve. it made her eyes pop and she looked so tan 👀

by Aleah A. 4 weeks ago

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