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I LUV U, -emma chamberlain

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emma chamberlain photo 1 HAVING MY BIRTHDAY PARTY ON... emma chamberlain photo 2 HAVING MY BIRTHDAY PARTY ON... emma chamberlain photo 3 HAVING MY BIRTHDAY PARTY ON... emma chamberlain photo 4 HAVING MY BIRTHDAY PARTY ON...

can we talk about how good she put the icing on the cupcakes

by Noor Al Rajhi 3 months ago

I feel like Emma is the only person who actually uses Omegle right:
she has conversations

by Hey Harlow! 3 months ago

Are we gonna talk about the guy whose chat said he was wall-twerking for coronavirus using a mask as a thong and how Emma just had a casual conversation with him? 😳😂 EDIT:I’ve never gotten this many likes on a comment wow😳

by Kendra Lyttle 3 months ago

"luckily i'm not 20 YET"
me, a 20 year old: 👁👄👁

by Emily Wass 3 months ago

A random person who likes this will be a billionaire

by Cate Carter 3 months ago

I’m concerned for that one little girl Emma talked to. She looked frightened just by Emma asking her if she wanted to decorate a cupcake, I feel scared for her on this website

by Lailah Bezan 1 month ago

"i get it if your deciding to skip me, i would skip me too." skips I SCREAMED AT THAT PART

by edielonyt 3 months ago

British accent: Is that Emma Chamberlain
Emma: no
The girl: ohh

by girlplays adoptme 2 months ago

Who else is kinda shocked of how fast she’s had another birthday lol

by Brooklyn Smith 4 months ago

Emma and the guy vibing is the best thing ever

by Apple Wood 3 months ago

girl: are we in a video?
emma: your in it rn!
girl: stop! STOP! STUUP!

by Ryleigh 4 weeks ago

Are we going to talk about why that little girl was on her looking terrified with all these pedophiles out there...😭 ohMyGod

by ThePrincess Asiana 1 month ago

Emma: "Omg a bearded dragon! Where do you find one of those?"
Stranger: "desert"
Emma: "You went to the desert and picked one up?"
Stranger: "... no."

by Sophie S 1 month ago

girl: “you’re Emma chamberlain!”

Emma: “no”

girl: “oh...”

by Ashley 4 months ago

the frosting on her face LITERALLY looks like a clown wth. Just me? Okay haha 😂

by McKenzie Pelletier 2 months ago

I laughed my butt off when she pushed the frosting out of her nose

by Zainab Ahmed 3 months ago

Random guy with no camera just black screen: ur kinda cuteeee.
Emma: I'm cute☺️

by Shandrey Ballantyne 3 weeks ago

Why does the frosting on Emma’s mouth look like a clown after she took a bite

by Felicie Chave 3 months ago

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