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iTs SeLf CaRe DaY
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I LUV U, -emma chamberlain

emma chamberlain photo 1 HAVING FUN BY MYSELF emma chamberlain photo 2 HAVING FUN BY MYSELF emma chamberlain photo 3 HAVING FUN BY MYSELF emma chamberlain photo 4 HAVING FUN BY MYSELF

emma should do going without coffee for 24 hours

by Amy Liang 1 year ago

Emma: goes to paris fashion week with louis vuitton
Emma: i did nothing this summer
Me: ...

by Ayesha Sagheer 1 year ago

Who else agrees with that summer 19 was so boring

Edit: can you all just sthu about corona like how would I know 💀

by Lorena L 1 year ago

Emma: “I’m actually starting to sleep earlier”

Most recent video “Pulling the Ultimate Summer All-nighter “


by Fatima Alvarez 1 year ago

idk why, but this was a really nice video compared to the ones shes been putting out lately. Like the end of the video was just so chilled and relaxed. I think maybe the decrease in edits really added a lot to this video. Im a long time viewer, been watching since emma had 100k and its really cool to just see her chill personality in this vid. All around just great vibes and now I want tea and to skate :)

by Jimmy Nutron 1 year ago

Emma: summer is ending and it’s kinda terrifying
Also Emma: doesn’t have to go to school

by Gabriella Tristan 1 year ago

Them: summer 2019 was boring!
2020: hello peps how are ya

by Carla Mae 4 months ago

I've been a bad driver lately as she's driving with her leg on her seat and only stearing with one hand

by Adayjah Lawhun 1 year ago

I feel like this is just an advertisement for plums

by Dani 3 months ago

Youtube is lowkey roasting me for having no friends, like recommending me with a video that has a title of HAVING FUN BY MYSELF.

by Mikko Franz 1 year ago

Who’s watching this in quarantine when you literally can’t do anything?😂

by Harper Dawn 3 weeks ago

what is her camera?? plzzzz somebody tell me

by 선민_sunmin 1 year ago

Emma last year: tiny glasses that don’t protect your eyes

Emma this year: giant glasses that cover her entire face

by Kaitlyn W 1 year ago

my top fruits
1. plums
2. strawberries
3. nectarines
4. blueberries
5. coca cola

by aashi’s vlogs 1 year ago

Eats 20 plums
Wonders why she keeps farting

by Hannah 1 year ago

yo you aren't Emma without farting, keep farting dude

by Melissa Mantle 1 year ago

Emma: “I don’t know, I’m farting a lot lately.”
Also Emma: “I LOVE PLUMS”

by AP 8 months ago

“i don’t have bad manners, i just have gas”

i felt that

by Aaron Vorn 1 year ago

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