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we didn't really go crazy at all lol
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I LUV U, -emma chamberlain


emma chamberlain photo 1 GOING INSANE IN HAWAII emma chamberlain photo 2 GOING INSANE IN HAWAII emma chamberlain photo 3 GOING INSANE IN HAWAII emma chamberlain photo 4 GOING INSANE IN HAWAII

I think this is the first time I’ve watched the same vacation from 3 different vlogs😂 I’d only do it for yall 🤠

by Luke Alexander 10 months ago

whos watching this during coronacation

by Emma Goodrich 4 months ago

Emma: i haven’t done anything this summer

Also Emma : goes to Hawaii goes to a Louis Vuitton fashion show

by Ello Lol 10 months ago

who’s watching this in January and wants to go there so bad

by kimkim 6 months ago

the part where olivia goes "um i just want ur love and affection" in a cute voice makes me so happy wtf

by char 10 months ago

All I’m doing during quarantine is binging Emma’s videos

by Kate Smith 3 months ago

Everyone’s getting pissed that she has money and is on a trip and “complaining” 😂 but she worked for it sooooo huh?

by Kylie Stephens 10 months ago

iv'e watched this video an unhealthy amount of times

by marley_kp 7 months ago

Emma is complaining about summer being over yet she lives in California and doesn’t have to go to school💀

by Linda Landaverde 10 months ago

I don’t think anyone knows how many times I’ve watched this

by Mia L 5 months ago

that transition of Emma falling off the paddle board to going snorkeling went crazy😩😩

by keneh 10 months ago

Olivia: Leo ♌️
Amanda: Aquarius ♒️
Emma: Gemini ♊️

Living for this friendship

by CCP tutorials 10 months ago

Emma: “Can someone teach me how to surf?”
“This is a booty call.”

“Is that the right word?”

me: absolutely not.

by Julia Daniyar 10 months ago

my hot girl summer consisted of watching tiktoks until 5am and then sleeping until 3 pm

by Nimrit Randhawa 10 months ago

omg emma looks SO MUCH like hannah while they're in target lol

by Charity Kristen 10 months ago

why are all these ppl in the comments complaining about Emma?

by Oscar Cruz 10 months ago

I just love this trio. I was like "HELL YEAH!!" when amanda and olivia came in front of the camera 💕

by Farhan Drubo 2 months ago

her cute voice🥺
olivia: “umm..i just want your love and affection...”
+ little giggle

by dog lover •_• 2 months ago

the alarm sounds keep giving me flashbacks of waking up and I hate it

by Lindsey D. 10 months ago

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