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I LUV U, -emma chamberlain

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emma chamberlain photo 1 GETTING MY LIFE TOGETHER *glow... emma chamberlain photo 2 GETTING MY LIFE TOGETHER *glow... emma chamberlain photo 3 GETTING MY LIFE TOGETHER *glow... emma chamberlain photo 4 GETTING MY LIFE TOGETHER *glow...

why isn’t anyone talking about HOW GOOD HER SKIN LOOKS

by Serena Baran 1 months ago

When Emma chamberlains closet is the size of your master bedroom.

by Madison Hartsfield 1 months ago

“Omg I just farted.... I didn’t even mean to” “I can’t believe I farted earlier that was... mortifying” leaves it in 😂😂😂😂😂 Reasons I love Emma

by abbsnn cose 1 months ago

If I had Emma’s clothes and her closet I wouldn’t be depressed

by *chefs kith* 1 months ago

Everyone wants to talk about Emma’s skin.. but why isn’t anyone talking about her mental health? She always mentions how much she’s been crying.. She’s sad.. something is hurting her.. I wish her nothing but happiness.. I hope one day she stops crying.. I hope nothing but brighter days for her. You make us all smile, Emma.. but I hope one day you can too.

by Amber Lynn 1 weeks ago

I’m literally OBSESSED with her house it’s so pretty and modern

by Lilly Hehe 1 months ago

When she gave us a forehead kiss why did I actually put my forehead on my laptop-

by harper jennings 1 months ago

Imagine being young, sitting around and not worry about studying 24/7 because YOURE ALREADY RICH

by Srk Malik 1 months ago

No one:

Literally no one:

Not even the sister squad:

Me: leaning in for every forehead kiss Emma gives

by Maisara Syed 1 months ago

When Emma said “I’ve never felt hot in my life.” I felt that.

by Shania Gonzalez 1 months ago

Ok but like don’t tell me that Emma’s skin is literally glowing go off-

by VanillaIceMel 1 months ago

who else thought she said “i have not been taking care of my parents” i was like omg what’s wrong with them

by Courtney Scott 3 weeks ago

emma is actually so gorgeous and she doesn’t even realize

by saniya henderson 3 weeks ago

“ my hair is soooo dryyy” 30 seconds later “ my hair has been so shiny and moisturised when using this product 😍” - Emma 2020 😂😂

by bilinas mini 1 months ago

Emma, talking about shampoo: “I get mine in pear flavor..”
Me: Do YoU EaT yOuR sHaMpOo-

by FangirlForShips 1 months ago

Honestly, Emma’s skin has been looking AMAZING recently, has anyone else noticed?

by SHANE CLOETE 1 months ago

I feel like Pinterest was only "educational" because the teachers wanted to use it in their downtime... LOL

by Kali S 1 months ago

This is how many people bite their nails and want long clean nails so bad ;-;

by Namtan._.Eilish 2 weeks ago

Who remembers how EXCITED she was when for the first time she bought an expresso machine on the black friday?

by Saba 1 months ago

emma: not even being 20 but having a mansion and loads of clothes.
me: 👁👄👁

by Nicole Jessica 3 weeks ago

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