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this needed to happen
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I LUV U, -emma chamberlain

#emma chambie

emma chamberlain photo 1 CLEANING OUT MY CLOSET *EXTREME* emma chamberlain photo 2 CLEANING OUT MY CLOSET *EXTREME* emma chamberlain photo 3 CLEANING OUT MY CLOSET *EXTREME* emma chamberlain photo 4 CLEANING OUT MY CLOSET *EXTREME*

Petition for Emma to do a site where we can buy her clothes that she doesn’t wear anymore:))

now i found out that emma has a site called depop, thank you guys for the information...no petition anymore:))))

by Alexandra C 3 months ago

It should all be donated to me. Its a very good cause.

by Abigail Sarah 8 months ago

who tf was recording her in the stores, when she drives back there's no one with her

by Arlene Nguyen 8 months ago

Who’s watching this while the world is coming to an end?

by Lilli Nichols 5 months ago

Her getting rid of like 10 pairs of shoes.

Me having 2 pairs of shoes

by marian casing 5 months ago

Imagine being Emma’s sister and she lends u clothes. Wow that would be nice

by Sieun 3 months ago

Imagine being so rich that you could actually re-buy half of your closet ......

by Mireya 1 year ago

She’s throwing away Doc Martens when I can’t even afford to own a pair.

by Azzy Am 3 months ago

Who else is binge watching her because of quarantine........

Only me ok 😂🙁💞

by Sienna! 4 months ago

emma: “i would buy more, but i pretty much own the whole store...”
looks at cashier for reassurance

by langley esterle 2 months ago

emma: "I cant buy pants bc its summer"
emma 2 min later: buys like 5 jackets

by Madyson Gennett 2 months ago

I would kill to go shopping and not worry about the price😞

by C 1 year ago

All the clothes she getting rid of would like be my best
and trendiest clothes 💀

by Amalie ? 8 months ago

“I didn’t need this but I’m obsessed with it” is ah whole mood

by Juliet Avalos 8 months ago

emma’s getting rid of all of the clothes that i want

by milky rats 10 months ago

Is it just me or I'm watching this during quarantine and thinks Ethan Dolan is recording btw ship lmao

by Maeumee Navarez 3 months ago

Are you trying to tell me that's only half your closet wtf that half is like 5x what I own

by Maddie Haydock 8 months ago

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