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My Asian-American Identity Crisis

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My Mom’s side: “You’re too White to be Hispanic”
My Dad’s Side: Your’re dark to be white”
Me: “WHAT AM I THEN?!?!”

by Lucky 24 2 weeks ago

my family: you have italian roots, why not learn italian

me: is learning 3 asian languages

by kai_teahee 5 days ago

Yes people us Asians CAN actually speak English without an accent.

by Mr. Sunny 2 days ago

People from America seeing my eyes: Are you Chinese?
But she has an English accent! She's maybe a transfer student...

by Kook 3 days ago

Did you know that everyone actually has an accent. You just don’t think that you have an accent.

by Niccolò Paganini 2 days ago

Emily’s Dad : why don’t you have more Korean friends

My Dad : why don’t you have any friends

by Just a sentient Mclaren P1 2 weeks ago

Emily's father: 'Brings Emily to America.'

Also Emily's father: Why don't you have Korean friends?

by Aaron Watanabe 2 days ago

Normal people: Japanese?

Celebrities: South Korean?

weebs: communism intensifies

by Mev 307 5 days ago

My mom's friends: She's like talks like English person

My school friends: why is your skin so white

y e s

Me: burh i'm Chinese

by Itz A Pøtatø! 1 day ago

Me who's part Puerto Rican and part Vietnamese: *cries in doesn't know either language*

by xX_Lucida_ Xx 6 days ago

I feel like it was a missed opportunity that Skill Share didn’t sponsor this video

by The BeastModeNerd49 2 weeks ago

Parents: Speak korean!

Emirichu: Then you two teach me the language!

Parents: Well, we are not doing that

by Tamas Szily 2 days ago

lives in the United States
people: What's with that Chinese accent
goes to china and speak Chinese(native language)
people: What's with that Japanese accent
Me: So I guess I'll just study Japanese now bye-bye.

by Lily 3 days ago

Random person: So is it harder to see since your eyes are so small?
Emirichu: No.
Also that random person: has much smaller eyes than Emirichu.

by Mangroves Mangoes 6 days ago

Man, if I said "I wish I had white parents" my dad would kick me out no questions asked

by Denise-P 3 days ago

My parents: talks in Vietnamese so that I could eventually learn

Me: replies in English

My grandparents: actually learn English so that they could communicate with me and my cousins

Thanks grandparents

by Galactic Kitten 2 weeks ago

I'm half native american, the only native american I know is hello in cherokee

UPDATE: I suck at art and drawing anime

by pixelocelot8 3 days ago

My classmate: why is your lips so big?! Were you in a plastic surgery?!?

Me mumbling: why would a 12 year old even try to do a plastic surgery. Oh so you're one of those mean girls who is just finding a random weird person to pick on, i'll tell you

Also me: *inhales* This is just how i look :)

Also me again but in my mind:

I can't say that to her..

by Marjee 6 days ago

In singapore, we have to learn our mother tongue though we literally don't use it. You know the education system has failed when they made me hate china because of how hard chinese is.

by Pengloof Pengloof 3 days ago

Emily:"I wish I had white parents!"
Koreans: W H I T E

sorry i had to make that joke

by A Bad Drawer Kid 2 days ago

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