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What You Call Small | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

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Your “small” moments play big roles.
In “What You Call Small,” Pastor Steven Furtick of Elevation Church teaches us that the greatest miracles can come from downplayed moments.
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Section Titles, 0:00 - Samuel Anoints David (1 Samuel 16, verses 1-11)
3:44 - Here's My Story
5:55 - What You Call Small
7:22 - What's Your Frame of Reference?
10:12 - It's Not Insignificant (Micah 5, verse 2)
13:08 - Go Back To When You Weren't Jaded
14:40 - When Self-Defense Becomes Disobedience
17:03 - How You See Yourself (1 Samuel 15, verse 17)
19:18 - Stop Trying To Hold Onto That
21:04 - God, Can't I Get Some More Details?
23:23 - The Tendency To Dramatize or Downplay
25:35 - It's Okay To Mourn
28:05 - Don't Minimize Someone Else's Pain
30:28 - You Need To Stop Putting Yourself Down.
32:15 - The Problem With Making Yourself Small
33:56 - Your Life Is Not Small To God
37:40 - Look At It With Fresh Eyes (James 3, verses 3-4)
39:27 - Watch What You Speak In Frustration
41:08 - God Works Through The Small (John 6, verse 9; 1 Samuel 16, verse 11)
43:37 - Don't Crown That (Wait For David)
45:46 - God, Show Me What's Big To You
48:30 - Your Life Matters, It's Not Small
What You Call Small | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

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Watching this from my hospital room while I fight Covid. This is encouraging.

by Saffron 2 months ago

This sermon really touched my heart, todays my sisters birthday she committed suicide a few years back, I rebuke the spirit of suicide and depression and I'm holding on and fighting to end this generational curse I pray that God helps us all

by Priscilla Ramirez 2 months ago

"You look for immediate results, God looks for eternal impact" that hit me🥺. Thank you for the message team🙌🏽🇿🇦❤

by Ayanda Biloane 2 months ago

I struggle with depression anxiety really bad my name is donnie heddlesten and I'm getting closer to God and watching you gives me faith gives me hope please keep me in your prayers as I'm starting to get closer to God thank you for every thing you preach it touches me more than ever

by Donnie Heddlesten 2 months ago

Please pray for fear and guilt to leave me. I need to move forward in life and I am actively asking for more faith and courage.

by Kristen Castelamare 2 months ago

I left my job to start what I have been called for. I am scared and nervous, especially with two little ones that I need to provide for.

by Maria Lopez 2 months ago

This message was such a blessing to me. Praise God for your ministry.

by Karen Warner 2 months ago

I never thought one day I would be blessed through your message from a SMALL village in Kenya!! Thank you Pastor Steven for building my faith

by bayha edavile 2 months ago

“We have the tendency to make “big” what God calls “small”, and to make “small” what God calls “big.” Wow, this is so true and sometimes we don’t even realize that the small things lead to the biggest things. Thank you Pastor Steven for this message🙏🏼❤️🙌🏽

by Sienna Lee 2 months ago

Please pray I won't fill the places God has emptied with something that is familiar, but will have discernment for the right path, right thing, right attitude to take. Thanks

by Cheryl Colwell 2 months ago

This message was not small to me, It touched my heart in such a big way and I cried like a small baby but my cry was not small to God.

by G N N 2 months ago

I am here. I feel pretty insignificant. I am too fragile. I am scared to death to waste my life. It feels like I missed my turning point and now I am lost, going in circles. It's hard to believe there's a David. You give me hope. Thank you. God bless you. You are in my prayers as well.

by Vale Bo 2 months ago

Please pray for me to have strength to quit vaping, to stop listening to worldly music. I am getting better with music, I avoid the music that uses foul language but even tho the songs have clean versions I need to be delivered from them. so please pray with me that God gives me the strength to overcome these things. Thank you.

by Katelyn madrigal 2 months ago

This message was definitely God talking to me through you pastor Steven. It’s Amazing how exact and clear was this for me. :0

by Agape Ministries Mx 2 months ago

What you call small 🤏🏾 is big 🙌🏾 to God! Man, wait on David. That's a word 👑

by Jiles Vlogs 2 months ago

Please pray for my health. I was in a car accident in 2006 and since then I have been in pain every day of my life. I had to learn how to walk again, but I need to talk care of my blind, disabled Mom. The pain is becoming unbearable. She is counting on me, and I have to honor her and take care of her. I just want to be healed and pain free.

by Christinea Davis 2 months ago

Im from Puerto Rico, and is amazing how God can work on the little things such as listening to this wonderful message and touching my soul. Love how God speaks through you and it seeks in me. Ive been having really intense anxiety for many situations, but Im finding God to heal me and love me. God bless you always

by Bea Arias 2 months ago

Thank you for this life changing message for me! I want to start to love to live. Thank you for upholding me in your prayer. May God bless you. Amen.

by Bobo Liew 1 month ago

Saved my life yesterday I really needed that confirmation from God thanks pastor 🦋

by Tianna Squarrel 2 months ago

I feel like God is taking me through the process of elimination for employment. I got two job offers and then suddenly for some reason, they changed their mind. My family is in great need financially, we just lost our car that we worked out of and I don’t know what to do in this situation. Praying that God opens up the doors so that we can provide for our family.

by Kai Patrice 2 months ago

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