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How Nick Mira made “Smile” by Juice WRLD ft. The Weeknd

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EF photo 1 How Nick Mira made “Smile”... EF photo 2 How Nick Mira made “Smile”... EF photo 3 How Nick Mira made “Smile”... EF photo 4 How Nick Mira made “Smile”...

He casually makes hits and doesn’t even know it

by Caleb Jones 4 weeks ago

im so glad nick gets the recognition he deserves, he is literally a living legend, so talented, and such a long career ahead of him

by prod. swango 4 weeks ago

If i had this when i was maybe 20, i'd probably be a billionair right now

by PaulsRandomShit 4 weeks ago

its crazy how nick makes all these hit songs on stream and you can watch him do it.

by EastCoast 4 weeks ago

dude please keep finding these vod’s & posting them

by Jonathon Wahlay 4 weeks ago

At , he plays the "All Girls Are the Same" Melody

by Aaron Lee 4 weeks ago

Nick made this beat YEARS ago and the song didn’t come out until a few months agoLet this be a lesson to all the musicians out there that success takes time.
You could have made a hit song already and don’t even know it yet. I’m sure that Nick didn’t imagine in that moment that this beat would get him a Weeknd Placement
Don’t stop grinding y’all!!!

by Tyrell Turner 4 weeks ago

never clicked so fast to see how sad was made

by Coding 4 weeks ago

Blue Mira was prime Mira

by Saltee 4 weeks ago

Me rn: :o

That's one of my favorite songs of all time of juice. Only real ones know it was call Sad originally

by Fireboi Tygo - Beats 4 weeks ago

All og’s know that this song was called sad

by Odentyo Beats 4 weeks ago

wholesome nick Mira moment

by Air Fryer 3 weeks ago

I first heard this leak back in November 2019. When everything was good. :(

by Dezro 4 weeks ago

my untrained brain cant handle wtf is going on

by Kimoka Records 4 weeks ago

Just yesterday i was searching ng for breakdown of this song . .and kabooooooooom !!

by Yon C 4 weeks ago

Who knew we was gonna lose juice wrld a few years later, he was at his prime. LLJW 😢💔

by Travis King 4 weeks ago

Didnt know this was produced by a smurf

by sn ot 4 weeks ago

The start felt like something out of Michael jackson

by Genxcide 4 weeks ago

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