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EARTHGANG - Meditate (Official Video) ft. J.I.D.

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Music video by EARTHGANG performing Meditate. 2017 Spillage Village (Interscope)
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#EARTHGANG #Meditate #Vevo

#Meditate #EARTHGANG Meditate #EARTHGANG Meditate Vevo #EARTHGANG #Spillage #(Interscope)

EarthGangVEVO photo 1 EARTHGANG - Meditate (Official Video)... EarthGangVEVO photo 2 EARTHGANG - Meditate (Official Video)... EarthGangVEVO photo 3 EARTHGANG - Meditate (Official Video)... EarthGangVEVO photo 4 EARTHGANG - Meditate (Official Video)...

J. Cole is building an empire with Dreamville.. So many different sounds, characters and personalities coming together to make great music - Couldn't be more happy to see. Salute to Cole.

by BlackySpeakz 3 years ago

J Cole better than Drake when it comes to promoting his artists

by Just My Opinion 2 years ago

Like if Earthgang is better than migos

by Alejandro 1 year ago

The underlying messages in this song echo sentiments of what it's like to be a black male psychologically and socially and how inherently out the womb you are conditioned to have inclinations toward certain environments, to not do or say certain things while u maneuver and worm your way through a human ecosystem where you're valued for what you can bring to the table rather than just being at the table. And where your complexion and culture are challenged daily, they don't care if you fold...but when you become liberated from those chains in all the many ways, those who work to oppress fear your progress. Venus and DocDot snapped straight up

by Jul Burke 1 year ago

“Lookin for peace in America”

by mo 5 months ago

Mad at how late i am. These dudes the truth

by Kevin Dillard 2 years ago

Anyone else felt compelled to listen to this after the George Floyd murder?

by Shai Williams 5 months ago

Seems Cole got tired of people saying that Kendrick is as good as him, so he decided to find his own Kendrick Lamar for his label. J.I.D biography lol

by Асанали Ахметов 1 year ago

Here after listening to ROTD3 album , Earthgang is so underrated 🔥🔥🔥🔥

by Kung-Fu Kenny Family 1 year ago

Now, more than ever

by Upping 5 months ago

A SZA Earthgang collaboration would be amazing

by leon jacobs 1 year ago

When I heard it I felt a little bit offended when he said "latins like.. 'till it's time to die" because latinos really struggle in the US. Even if you're legal you always worry that some cop is gonna give you a rough time or whatever just because you're brown. I know from experience. I'm latina, I'm a girl, and when I was younger I was told by a cop to shut my mouth or he would arrest me and lose me in the system... all because i was trying to translate for my mom when he pulled us over...

but you know what... He is right... when things get rough... I don't know of any latinos that would stand up for a black person (that isn't related to them), just like I don't know of any black person who would do the same for a latinos... but man do hispanics LOOOOVE to partake in black culture... from the music, to the style, the language... everything.

As a latina, I gotta say, he's got a point. And to black people in general: I'm sorry everyone only ever takes from you... your culture... your language... your music... and barely ever gives anything back to you.

by G Fermin 1 year ago

anyone notice baby trump building the wall at ?

by Michael Lubin 1 year ago

After Baptize, I had to come back to this Classic 🔥

by SELLO MATLALA 2 months ago

This song is so relevant right now.

by Virulennt 5 months ago

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