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Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam delays elections citing coronavirus | DW News

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Hong Kong just announced that September's legislative council elections will be delayed. Leader Carrie Lam cited the spike in coronavirus cases as the reason. The vote would have been Hong Kong's first since a contraversial security law was brought into effect. Opposition lawmakers accuse the government of using the outbreak to slow their pro-democracy movement. Many candidates were banned from running, including activist Joshua Wong.
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Hmm, seeing as they “haven’t had a death since March,” this seems peculiar 🙄

by Bos021 2 weeks ago

Who cares? They disqualified many pro democracy candidates, the election is unfair already

by 猴皇皮皮善 2 weeks ago

Delay until 2047 that will be the tactic

by Andrew 2 weeks ago

China doesn't even pretend to care what the rest of the world thinks.

by bob Cat 2 weeks ago

Trump: Please can I delay the election?
China: We do it. Easy. Look, it's done.

by hblaub 2 weeks ago

Central people means the CCP core

by lithgrapher 2 weeks ago

Trump should pack up and move there!

by MyEyesBled 2 weeks ago

Haha, expected this since 3 weeks ago when the Government exaggerating the Covid 19 spreading. It's so predictable what this senile woman and the Government trying to do. They are just a silly management and predictable. Lying broad daylight and using forces to shut the citizens rights. CCP tactic is nothing new. Lie, bluff and use forces to subdue the citizens. The majority have spoken loud and clear last year district election. Yet they still blame the Citizens but not them. Lord will punish them one day..

by Oceanyt 2 weeks ago

Curry lamb also has a political agenda on CV. polticians worse than snakes.

by KM Tang 2 weeks ago

The third wave is caused by the exemptions of quarantine. The govt can use the new outbreak as an excuse to postpone the legislative council election.

by Monica Chow 2 weeks ago

Sooo, she pulled a Trump?

by King gay 2 weeks ago

This is were Trump got his idea from lol

by Kevin Arzola 2 weeks ago

Can China get any worse?

by Gotta Go 2 weeks ago

And then by another year, then another, then another...

by TheAlphaSite 2 weeks ago

ah yes the ccp plant
said something a ccp plant would say

by Verse Jumper 2 weeks ago

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