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Coronavirus Australia: Melbourne under strict lockdown as cases surge | DW News

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In Australia, a state of disaster has been declared in the state of Victoria after a surge of coronavirus infections. A range of new stricter lockdown measures have been imposed, including a nighttime curfew for the capital Melbourne. Melbourne has been in COVID-19 turmoil since being hit with a second wave in June. An initial lockdown failed to bring numbers down, forcing authorities to further tighten restrictions. Now, residents will only be allowed to leave home for work, medical care, or to shop for essentials. Outdoor recreation is also limited to one hour a day.
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#Coronavirus #Covid19 #Australia

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DW News photo 1 Coronavirus Australia: Melbourne under strict... DW News photo 2 Coronavirus Australia: Melbourne under strict... DW News photo 3 Coronavirus Australia: Melbourne under strict... DW News photo 4 Coronavirus Australia: Melbourne under strict...

Funny how covid-19 is surging world wide. . . everyone's gone lemming brain.

by Pia 13 hours ago

I think this is one of the most strict lockdowns in the world and South Africa lockdown is worst than this

by John 23 hours ago

Horse wearing a mask now that's something

by James Ervin 14 hours ago

Useless security guards, some were even sleeping with those in quarantine 🤦‍♀️

by Deep D 1 days ago

I love the Aussie government reporter trying to figure out how to diplomatically explain that Melbourne is in lockdown because government employed security guards had sex with people in quarantine lol

by Lilac Lizard 19 hours ago

It don't matter where you live eventually all countries will get hit hard with the next plans they have set

by Jennifer Wiley 22 hours ago

"People have been going to work too much." Priceless

by Kurt M. 16 hours ago

WOW this is not the Australia I thought it was!

by David Hackney 14 hours ago

Oh someone bought their horses from skyrim for 1000 coins oooh yhhh

by Ice Baby 1 days ago

We will rid the world of this virus with a vaccine.
Just as we did with the flu.

Ok bad example.

by Michael Trivette 20 hours ago

The Ziocon World Gov wants to have everybody afraid and separated.

by Ricardo Ramirez 21 hours ago

Does this mean the buffet will be closed?

by Merlin 20 hours ago

I think all nations all around the world have the same problems now. Stay strong, Berlin send you our spirit from yesterday!

by Nick Elodeon 21 hours ago

I was just watching V for Vendetta early today

by C V 11 hours ago

Essential business is the toilet paper factory

by unusual score 23 hours ago

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