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China passes controversial Hong Kong security law | DW News

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China's National People's Congress has passed a controversial security law for Hong Kong that critics fear will give Beijing more control over the semi-autonomous territory. A standing committee of the Congress unanimously approved the bill. Beijing says it aims to tackle sedition, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces. It has drawn international criticism for being at odds with the "one country, two systems" policy agreed by China when it took control of the former British colony in 1997.
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DW News photo 1 China passes controversial Hong Kong... DW News photo 2 China passes controversial Hong Kong... DW News photo 3 China passes controversial Hong Kong... DW News photo 4 China passes controversial Hong Kong...

Boris, where are the British passports what you had promised the Hong Kong citizens?

by Ian Khaw 6 months ago

Reminds me of Northern Ireland, everything now is all right..

by Ninja 6 months ago

Any country that blames China on this issue should eliminate its national security law first.

by Rere Mouse 6 months ago

Hey Germany, you guys should take all those fredom fighters in your country. Please do it fast.

by Mr Havisham 6 months ago

Appeasement is a European tradition that always ends poorly

by utopiandreamer04 6 months ago


by Haopeng Yan 6 months ago

Peaceful protests wouldn’t have brought forward this bill to HK in such a rush. Afraid that DW is living in another world or intentionally failing to call out the violence and pro independence facets of the protests.

by Shuowen Hu 6 months ago

How many of you get the feeling there will still be brave protestors despite the bill being passed.

by Jude Costa 6 months ago

China broke their promise. Everyone knows it. The whole world sees it.

by Jef Chen 6 months ago

Hong Kong King Kong Sum Ting Gong Wei Wong.

by badhabit 6 months ago

LOL, Hong Kong district, Shen Zhen City, Guang Dong province. That is Hong Kong should be.

by Jimmy Carter 6 months ago

This is a good job 👍 show China know how to run the state of hongkong.

by limhong chiew 6 months ago


by 汪子白 6 months ago

Just fight fight fight till you can't fight no more be strong hongkong!

by Imperial User 6 months ago

Good move, now those thugs have to think twice before start the vandalism again, if they don't like, can lieve Hong Kong anytime for good and never return.

by Manuel Jesus Paucar 6 months ago

I can feel another war on its way 🤔 anyone else?

by Sponge Bob 6 months ago

well done, kick all CIA and MI6 agents out of HK!

by Barkin Choi 6 months ago

These rioters will be queuing up for migration to the 5 Eyes soon.

by Yeow Aun Lim 6 months ago

Screw those monsters, they abuse their own people and they get away with it! 😒

by Emperor Vargas 6 months ago

The law attacks political freedoms…and protesters marched through Hong Kong over the weekend to make sure officials were aware.

by Sakura Moore 3 months ago

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