berlin police break up protest against coronavirus restrictions dw new

dw-news photo 1 berlin police break up protest... dw-news photo 2 berlin police break up protest... dw-news photo 3 berlin police break up protest... dw-news photo 4 berlin police break up protest...

Yes, it's well established that coronavirus only strikes those who are fighting against this narrative.

by Gregory May 23 hours ago

I thought this kind of protest only happen in America.😂

by Yamato Kira 1 day ago

Wow this is incredibly shocking. I didn’t know Germans would value freedom.

by Matt Elmen 19 hours ago

Plz remove the line “Berlin police break up” from the headline

by Alper Canpolat 1 day ago

B. Gates said about 7 weeks ago in German TV "we will vaccinate 7 billion people" .... everybody in Germany knows that - why are you calling it a conspirancy theory?

by Pit Maler 1 day ago

Well even if there are “far right mobilizing” I’ll take that over bricks and fire like the far left.

by Danielle Zavala 20 hours ago

But Bill gates has admitted he wants to vaccine the world. Its fact he brags about.

by M. BISONOPOLIS 1 day ago

Conspiracy theorists and far right?? I wonder how they would have labeled this group if it would fit their narrative

by david1000010 21 hours ago

For all people from se other countrys, you can see much more of the demonstration (it was live) on the youtube channels of 'Digitaler Chronist' or 'Caronlin Matthie' for example. Mainstream news only does blabla lying blabla

by OO OO 20 hours ago

Lol and people only thought Americans were like this

by Zero 1988 1 day ago

According to the organizers this was 1.3 million, a little more than the 'thousands' the press are stating. It's also nice that they can blanket label all the demonstrators as 'far right' or 'conspiracy theorists'. The mainstream press, gotta love how they've become the ministry of truth in these dangerous times.

by Andrew Tataj 19 hours ago

But Bill gates wants to produce 7 billion vaccines he said so himself. How is that a conspiracy theory?

by rosslahive 19 hours ago

Lying press. Biased about right and antesemitism. That's BS.

by Ominous 23 hours ago

"Far right figures" lol there were left ist, lgtb etc etc there

by saborfrancias 19 hours ago

Global population gives EYES WIDE entire new meaning....

by JCMW JCMW 23 hours ago

Now do a story on the political activities of David Koch...

by reverse_halo 1 day ago

the reporter was out there for hours and then interviews so close to the anchor without a mask?

by pixel fairy 17 hours ago

Way to go Germany, you guys should be leaders not followers.

by ESEkbrown 23 hours ago

Love how they say these are far right protestors. Trying to scare us? Funny how we don’t see any violence.

by Matt FB 1 day ago

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