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Life in North Korea | DW Documentary

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Are people in North Korea allowed to laugh, dance and marry? This documentary provides unique insights on everyday life in the East Asian country, which most people associate with dictatorship, military parades and nuclear missile testing.
Perhaps no other country in the world is as mysterious as North Korea. In the West, itโ€™s known as the last Stalinist dictatorship, the land of dictator Kim Jong Un, bombastic military parades and nuclear missile tests. And it is actually quite difficult to look beyond the political and examine the daily life of 25 million North Koreans. Are they allowed to laugh, dance and marry? What do they eat? Where do they go on holiday? These simple questions are difficult to answer given the isolation of the population from the rest of the world. The filmmakers behind Have Fun in Pyongyang visited people who have lived in the isolated mountainous nation for three generations. Over eight years, they visited North Korea forty times to attend festivals and harvest ceremonies, visit factories and listen to singing contests, in the process catching surprising, fascinating and bizarre glimpses of everyday life in North Korea. The documentary gives us an insight into North Korean life and helps us understand how the impoverished, isolated country has survived the end of the Cold War, the famine of the 1990s that cost hundreds of thousands their lives, and the never-ending diplomatic and military conflicts..
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People commenting that this feels like propaganda but it doesn't strike that way at all. To me this was showcasing North Korea's attempts to modernize itself, in it's own bizarre way. Even though they live under a dictatorship, the people of North Korea are still humans and still experience the same emotions and desires of the rest of the human race. I really found this perspective to be fascinating. Also should keep in mind that the filmmakers had to keep a positive, upbeat tone with this to avoid getting into any trouble with officials and losing their privileges to film in these places. We all know that this is not the full reality.

by JourneyInJapan 6 months ago

The whole city looks like a film set without enough actors

by LauGHiNG CoFFiN 3 weeks ago

Massive respect for the editor (or editors) that had to go through 8 years of footage.

by Henry 1 month ago

Their clothes, their haircuts, their furniture.. It feels like they live in a time capsule

by Mei Mew 1 month ago

The N. Koreans showing they are having fun is more fake than a beauty gurus apology video.

by Tetsong 1 week ago

The slavery and fear is so much visible on their face.

by Akhil g 2 weeks ago

This reminds me the hunger games capitol district

by L 2 weeks ago

the largest concentration camp in the world.

by Eratom 2 weeks ago

North Korea, where the 80's never ended....

by Jay Gucker 2 months ago

It truly is an awful government, they believe they are the luckiest in the world but instead they are the opposite.

by Mikey Nicol 3 days ago

I am probably misinterpreting, however, i felt terrible when that boy at was having fun but then was pulled aside and he immediately stopped smiling.

by Tea Cuppy 2 weeks ago

they are so scared tgat they act better than hollywood actors and extras.

by black 5 days ago

โ€œTheir world ends on the North Korean Borderโ€

by Semih 2 weeks ago

The thing that scares me is the parts we canโ€™t see

by Bradley Bernett 6 months ago

"We wondered why it took years for us to be allowed to film in parks..."
So that they could plant you in one that had a controlled environment where actors were doing as they were told to make it look like NK was a great place to live.

by Alex Mohr 2 weeks ago

This makes me so depressed watching this, I feel so bad for these people

by Anthony Strunk 1 month ago

But this is the life of only high class people... how many of this nation suffer in the outskirts of the capital?.. they dont have a life like this

by aistaxoxo 2 weeks ago

The elites ? I thought the whole point was to have a classless society

by weornone 2 weeks ago

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