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Sci-Fi Short Film "Voskhod" | DUST

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After repairing his HAM radio using parts found in the forest, a recluse radio operator receives a distress call from a stranded Soviet cosmonaut in orbit.
Directed by Ivan Stepanov.
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#science-fiction #short film #cosmonaut #CGI #russia #cosmonautics day #science fiction #sci-fi #dust #filmmakers #aliens

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this was absolutely a magnificent story, its been a while since i have been this impressed by a Dust upload. The story telling was excellent, the underlying themes were laid out well without being too obvious, the acting was genuine and i was caught up completely in what might happen next ... this was a grandslam homerun that was also hit out of the park

by Richard Dominguez 5 months ago

Being a fan of Sci-Fi, a Retired Aerospace Engineer (Military and Industrial), and a Ham Radio Operator, I have to say that this is the Best Sci-Fi Short Film I have ever seen! BRAVO!

by bomack105 5 months ago

This is a really good story, I'm impressed my compliments to everyone that has participated in making this short movie

by Damian_ai9 5 months ago

Strong Characters, strong story. No identity politics no post modernist dystopia. Great filming, first rate scene framing, good pace thoughtful and evocative. A Science Fiction story as it should be done. Look forward to your next project. really enjoyed this. You don't always need explosions to tell a story. This was first rate well done!

by Jim Knight 5 months ago

This....this is really well acted n directed. I actually was attached to the characters....thank you for sharing this film.

by Susie Q 5 months ago

"voskhod" means sunrise in Russian

by Roman 3 weeks ago

Finally a normal representation of a Russian man who speaks normally and looks like an average Russian!

by Vals Foppel 4 months ago

This is absolutely one of the best Dust episodes I’ve seen to date. Period. I hope there is an Episode 2 that has him return to the crash site that 2nd time, & retrieve the same tube again, thereby starting the whole thing over again, but this time with full knowledge of what happened, and 3 more days to solve the problems. How cool would this end if they did that until he made it home, & they went out for shots to toast the memory of their boys, and sweep dumb-assed politics under the rug. No matter what others will have you believe, we are all the same.

by PegLeg Jim 5 months ago

"Viewer to Dust Over"
"Dust here Over"
"Just viewed Voskhod and was extremely impressed from here on Earth"

by Starlette Oscar 5 months ago

It was all in his loss filled lonely head all along - a mental breakdown and then breakthrough to get over his loss, a story sculpted from some junk he found in the woods, in helping a make belive astronaut who was a good brave man - symbolically he found the stronger man in himself - quite literally a higher self, then after pouring out his heart - symbolically the cosmonaut disintegrated with his guilt after helping him see his own worth.

There was so much to this story about life - loss - loneliness - stereotypes - empathy - perceptions of home - tribal psychology.

Superb all round - great things can grow from dust clearly 🤘🏻🎩

by inkwell flood 5 months ago

Damn, this was an excellent short. Every so often a diamond in the rough comes along. I always wondered, who finances these and where do you get the actors?? This one looked top notch as far as production quality.

by VoiceOfReasonInACrazyWorld 5 months ago

Me thinks he had to let go of his son and move on with his life.

Eyes forward. Don’t look back.

by Vincent O'Brien 5 months ago

the production value has been improved absolutely. compassion is truly universal. in the spirit of today's current events. I wish we find ourselfs in a world that is much more united in service of pursuit of the american dream with liberty and justice. god speed America

by Grand-Master Grouch 1 month ago

A really well written and professionally crafted piece. Thoroughly engaging short.

by BadYossa 5 months ago

That was the best damn SciFi short I've ever seen.

by Scott Miller 5 months ago

Alternate ending: I thought in the end he would go back to the crash site and get the same box to fix his radio again. Then, the same plot would happen over and over, like a timeloop, and fail every time. This would be a metaphor for how many times he thought about trying to save his son, trapped in his own mind alone - similar to being alone in the woods - but never being able to change the past, since that crash happened in the past and there's no changing it.

by BUFF AF 5 months ago

Amazing story and acting..thoroughly enjoyed this short.

by D. Duna 3 months ago

this short film is a piece of art. So intense and so good. I sat on my chair on the edge and it was something that i really felt. Pure emotion and empathy for Andrei. Thanks for this film!

by elrenato82 5 months ago

When the art of story telling is done through a movie and done well, you're impressed with what almost feels like conflicting feelings. Some stories involve multiple characters or complex interactions. Others, like this story, involve simpler elements. But they all become grand when you get to observe how all the parts are blended together (right down to small details like when he's talking about the faulty hinge but found out he had lost contact during his speech) And that's the uniting element.
And the conflict comes in because it's right there in front of you, evolving through it's life, and I'm trying to find a way of saying that more movies should be better. Not because of an ease of making them, but because you get to see such good examples of how they are done well, you want so much to believe it will translate into an avoidance of a lot of the junk that seems to be consciously made to be junk.

by Gregory LaGrange 4 months ago

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