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Sleep in a Bed of Sand

#trick shots #bed #dude perfect basketball #spinners #Sports
A BRAND NEW segment + Get Crafty, Wheel Unfortunate & Top 10.. another amazing OT!
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Wheel Unfortunate (13:53)
Top 10 (20:36)
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Dude Perfect photo 1 Sleep in a Bed of... Dude Perfect photo 2 Sleep in a Bed of... Dude Perfect photo 3 Sleep in a Bed of... Dude Perfect photo 4 Sleep in a Bed of...

Codyโ€™s faces throughout the cereal segment were PRICELESS๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

by Paul Cuffaro 3 weeks ago

Cody: acts like an elite connoisseur of all food
Also Cody: "what's a toblerone"

by Boiler One 2 days ago

Who is still waiting for the punishment, โ€˜own a catโ€™

by Enzo Defran 1 hour ago

"GET TO THE CHOCOLATE CEREAL!!! CoCo cRisPieS, Hurry up an put em on the board.. "

by Ask to seduce Miss 3 days ago

Itโ€™s hard to not feel bad for Cory after all heโ€™s been through on overtime.

by Player Snake 1 week ago

Iโ€™m highly upset that thereโ€™s no cool not cool

by Aidan Nikic 3 weeks ago

Letโ€™s be honest, garret or coby should have won. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

by Noah Preston 7 hours ago

Who wants one more segment in overtime
Like if you agree๐Ÿ‘‡

by Shaurya Shah 1 week ago

Tyler: Grape Nuts are just strait gravel.


by NarWallean 1 day ago

These are my painting rankings
1. Coby
2. Cody
3. Garrett
4. Tyler
5. Cory

by Caleb Jackson 3 days ago

Dude Perfect: skips cool not cool
everyone: *angry noises*

by Zexroz _ 3 weeks ago


Karenโ€™s: PeOpLe AcRoSs ThE gLoBe ArE StArViNg!

by Moshe Saka 3 days ago

Cody: comment below if you want someone else to do top 10
Me: I definitely agree with Cody

by Emma Oliver 2 days ago

Bless Codyโ€™s soul he got so hyped when he didnโ€™t get picked ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Rafael Gonzalez 2 days ago

Imagine if Tys number 1 in top 10 was the dog food Cory ate as cereal ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Sachin J. 16 hours ago

Tyler: kicking the cereal
The cereal: "well that's karma for kicking me"

by ฮ”lphaฮ ix 1 week ago

Cody yes, also tyler last top-ten โ€œI think next time i am going to let someone else run top-ten this this one tyler still running top-ten.โ€

by Caden McGuire 1 week ago

when ty slips
me: mission failed will getem next time

by CJR 1 day ago

Anybody remember when this was called, โ€œLaying In A Sandy Bedโ€

by Shiny Jboy Gaming 4 days ago

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