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Black Ops Cold War: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly (A Critical Review)

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Black Ops Cold War Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4go3h7WcFc
Black Ops Cold War gameplay and a critical review of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. Black Ops Cold War is not a game without flaws. There are issues with the new scoresteak system, animations, and TTK compared to other CoD games. However, Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War gameplay has great audio, weapon balance, and map design. I hope you enjoy this Black Ops Cold War Review.
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That's disappointing to hear about pistols. Black Ops 2 had amazing pistols, that were really useful; but feels like every COD after that they've been pretty mediocre.

by Walcom S7 1 month ago

I'm sorry but giving points to players who play the objective is not "rewarding bad players" . I can't tell you how many times I've lost objective matches just because my teammate wants a good K/D at the expense of having one less body pushing the obj

by Slick Astley 1 month ago

The really ugly: the new voice actors for Mason and Woods

by TheUnionJake 1 month ago

"Dead Silence is back as a perk , it's renamed Ninja"
Nah bro it's back to the original NINJA

by Your Father 1 month ago

Him: it's colorful and I can see people in the dark me: gets shot when someone is in the dark

by Zero 1958 1 month ago

Driftor? *drags a cigarette * I havnt heard that name in a while ....

by Jacob Payne 1 month ago

MW set the bar for graphics and animation way too high lmao.

by Karlsen Nguyen 1 month ago

“The good the weapons aren’t deafening like in MW”
“The bad the weapons don’t sound like the ones in MW”
.... 🤔

by Raymond Marroquin 1 month ago

When the Beta is out do a comparison to the Alpha so that one might conclude what they will improve in gameplay.
Nice video. Great points.

by MetalG Al 1 month ago

Take a shot every time he said “Modern Warfare 2019”

by Anthony Garcia 3 weeks ago

When he finished the ‘Good’ category, I was worried because it wasn’t all that to be honest.

by Sockems79 1 month ago

Man, treyarch missed an opportunity of getting hyper to animate these weapons.

Would have been amazing to have him animating the weapons

by The Holy Salt 1 month ago

That enemy's movement at is deeply concerning. Nobody moves that fast. It seems squirrely just like MW in the sense that 60% of deaths are jump strafes, and the other 40% are campers with the Origin 12

by G3T R3KD KID 1 month ago

the good
the bad
the ugly
Help your fellow viewers 🙏🏻

by NickTheQuick 1 month ago

Really disappointing how “Modern” they’re trying to make the guns look instead of embracing the tech available for the time period. FYI: we didn’t have flat top Colts until 97 with the intro of the M4. Prior to that, we were mounting Aimpoint dots on the carry handles of Colt 733s. Really confusing how Treyarch can animate the dots mounted on the carry handle of the M16, but not the Colt. Also, can we move away from the burst M16? Or at least give players the option to swap to semi and full auto.

by wcw2793 1 month ago

Whatever happens with warzone and cold war, I want them to have the games seperate. Like I'd wanna play multiplayer but will have a 50gig update for some shitty warzone content just to play tdm.

by stitcher quet 1 month ago

Kinda a little worried , just about the streaks being almost free , just cost a lot of points but the dont reset that scares me

by Me And Dad 1 month ago

Are they gonna add more effects to bullets hitting people. The death animations are straight out of bo2

by Masebound 1 month ago

“Iron sights and red dots shouldn’t be allowed” you my friend must have never played battlefield.

by It’s XRB 3 weeks ago

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