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The Best and Worst Games on PS Now

Drew Gooden photo 1 The Best and Worst Games... Drew Gooden photo 2 The Best and Worst Games... Drew Gooden photo 3 The Best and Worst Games... Drew Gooden photo 4 The Best and Worst Games...

no pinned comment 😔

by den 1 weeks ago

i can't explain how much he actually looks like his name is drew

by LIL COARSE DIRT 1 weeks ago

“This game has provided me with some of the most satisfying moments of my life, and I’ve had sex before.”

What happened to “virgins for lives despite the wives”?

by OTAKUTIES2307 1 weeks ago

as someone who has only ever played cooking mama and animal crossing, I found this pretty interesting 11.3/10

by Emily 1 weeks ago

So hows the wife, drew? you know, from Afghanistan.

by Jubby 1 weeks ago

Petition for Monster Energy Drink: The Game: The Movie, starring Tom Holland as Motor Cycle.

by Linus Halpin 1 weeks ago

everyone says “hey guy!” but nobody says “how guy?”

by TheDavidish 1 weeks ago

Drew: talks about PlayStation also drew: wears Nintendo shirt

by DaCracker 1 weeks ago

Nobody said anything about drew's amazing hair. For shame, youtube, for shame.

by Jacob Manning 1 weeks ago

like 100% not trying to sound weird but when i have a husband I hope he’s like you💕

by Inhle Cele 5 days ago

did bubsy just say “take that you cockgobbling monster” or do i have hearing issues

by yumni 1 weeks ago

Where is Amanda, this husband guy is weird

by plum 1 weeks ago

Fun? Yes.
Screaming at the other person for wasting time cutting up an onion instead of the tomatoes u so desperately need? U bet ur britches.

by Multi0a0 1 weeks ago

He is the only bobcat that exists...DON'T disrespect him or you'll find out what could possibly go wrong 👀

by nijohn12 6 days ago

Seeing a nazi general with green font saying "good" just gave me a whiplash

by O5- • 1 weeks ago

I love how you can literally talk about anything and I'll find it entertaining and worth listening to. Please know we all love you so much, and hope you're doing okay.

by hey guys its me 1 weeks ago

hey isn’t this the CEO of the wildly successful “pictureofhotdog.com”?

by Bug 1 weeks ago

What happened to “virgins for lives despite the wives” 😔

by Sydney Dubitsky 6 days ago

Me not even having a PlayStation: still enjoys this video

by Ayla M 1 weeks ago

drew: firefighter simulator bad
me, who doesn't even own a ps: yes so bad

by Josefina Salinas 1 weeks ago

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