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Disney Movies That Haven't Aged Well

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Disney be like: “I can excuse pedophilia but I draw the line at gay people”

by Daisy 2 weeks ago

I was having a pretty shitty day but I figure I haven't kissed any children so I cant be doing too badly in life

by Anakin Bacon 2 weeks ago

disney+ : has a movie where a child and adult kiss
also disney+ : chooses to not put a series about a teen boy figuring out his sexuality

by broadway brandie 2 weeks ago

"Why dont you give me a call in 10 years"
Drew: "50" 😂😂

by PrincessJora 2 weeks ago

when drew said “speaking of three decades ago let’s talk about this movie from 1994” I became acutely aware that time is an illusion and we aren’t in 2012 anymore

by Alice Kakurina 1 weeks ago

1. Why did they write that
2. How were the child or the adult comfortable with that
3. Why did they write that

by Anakin Skywalker 2 weeks ago

Drew: Alexa, self-destruct
Me wearing headphones: You have no power here

by Casey Hernandez 2 weeks ago

I remember watching blank check thinking “yeah this is normal” and then later proceeded to flirt with the lifeguard adjusting my floatie at the beach thinking we’d get married

by Amanda Marie YALUNG 2 weeks ago

Me when 10: aw, I want my own adult banker girlfriend too.

Me as an adult and knowing that pedophilia and disproportion of power and manipulation are a thing: gags

by Joseph Davila 2 weeks ago

They probably thought that since it’s not the other way around (Grown man kissing a little girl on the mouth) that it was fine. Smh how did anyone approve of that movie?

by Lavender Bananas 2 weeks ago

I don’t like the fact that an adult wrote a story where a grown woman kisses a little boy on the mouth and a bunch of other adults decided that it was fine

by RJai500 2 weeks ago

I googled that child actor and he was arrested at least twice :( this movie prolly rly messed with him lol

by Brooke Jones 2 weeks ago

FYI on why would they put "Blank Check" on Disney+: The screenwriter for Blank Check literally wrote one of the most popular books on screenwriting, "Save the Cat." The author is Blake Snyder. The book, and its several sequels, and the popular screenwriting software based on the book, and the listing of genres system described within for describing film plots, etc., etc., etc... is all based on "Blank Check."
The popular animated film, "How to Train Your Dragon," is literally dedicated to him (he died of a heart attack several years ago).
Every screenplay -- FOR EVERY SINGLE FILM -- made by Hollywood is reviewed (at some level) in terms of the structure laid out in the book.
Which is based, in turn, on the structure of "Blank Check."

Maybe that's one reason why it's included in Disney+ offerings.

by James Smith 2 weeks ago

What’s really creepy is that Disney was completely aware of the age difference. On their date, he asked if he was the shortest and youngest guy she ever dated, and at the end, she said “Give me a call in about 10 years.” And he just lowered it to 6. They knew he was super young, and yet they still went with it thinking everyone would just think it’s cute. Disgusting, Disney.

by Oliver Adams 1 weeks ago

It should be illegal for Disney to make live action movies and shows.

by Khadijah Johnson 2 weeks ago

Let's be real here , sexual assault towards young boys is dismissed as boys will be boys . They'll say that the boys like it. Pedophilia no matter what is disgusting

by Sayuri Mariae 2 weeks ago

-"why dont you give me a call in 10 years?" -"five" -"seven" Danny: "FIFTY." I literally died lmao

by misolou fout 2 weeks ago

"I hate your attitude"
"Great comeback MOM!"
Aw cmon she clearly is just saying she still loves you as her chil- why are you singing?

by Musomania27 1 weeks ago

Can someone talk about the constant theme of casting age differences that Disney favours for romantic counterparts. Like how a lot of their stars are LITERAL MINORS when they're cast opposite adults? And that some of the films have kissing scenes? Between an adult and a child? Disney is... weird. They do it too often...

by AstralLoser 2 weeks ago

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