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Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE

#minecraft but lava rises every minute #rematch #dream #grand finale #Gaming
Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE. You asked for it. This was absolutely insane.
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We decided to call this series Minecraft Manhunt. This video is a different rendition of it, where there are THREE hunters instead of just one.
This is a new Minecraft but, 1.16 challenge that we have decided to try. I try to beat the game, while my friend George AND my friend Sapnap AND my friend BadBoyHalo tries to prevent me from doing it. It's a race, and it's super intense and we had a lot of laughs. I love doing these challenges.
If this video gets 1,000,000 likes we'll do something else.
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin

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Dream photo 1 Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters... Dream photo 2 Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters... Dream photo 3 Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters... Dream photo 4 Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters...

Ok, that ending was by far the best one yet, HOW??? I'm actually blown away LOL

by SmallishBeans 2 months ago

When everyone else goes to the end, you can practically hear the gears start to turn in Dream’s head. And then, at , you can pinpoint the exact instant when he spots the creepers, and he finally connects the dots, his plan finalizing at once he realizes that it’s completely doable.

by SpiderFlash 1273 2 days ago

- Silence -
“so how are you guys doing?”
intense screaming
“We’re doing great thanks for asking”

by peachy 2 days ago

VIDEO IDEA : Five hunters but one of them is secretly on Dream’s side and is trying to sabotage the rest.

by Tioluwanimi Osikoya 2 days ago

This would be way easier if achievements didn’t show up.

by SecretSkull 18 hours ago

that end portal play was incredible

by xNestorio 2 months ago

George and Sapnap: Bloodthirsty for Dream to die
Bad: Forgets he’s playing a manhunt and starts looking at new Nether things, like, “Ooh, blue fire!”

by Samuel Reyes 3 days ago

Dream: does lava boat trick
Me: He saw that on Reddit, didn't he?
Dream: I sAw ThAt oN rEdDiT

by Nate Itteilag 2 days ago

No one's talking about when Dream dug down and teleported with an ender pearl? That was slept on.

by Clorox Bleach 4 hours ago

What we need is a manhunt video starring:

Speedrunner: Dream
Hunter: Technoblade

by Ghasty57 3 days ago

He has literally every trick up his sleeve. This is more intense than any sports match or movie I’ve ever watched. Period.

by Lawrence Ethan Green 2 months ago

It shows how much of a risk taker dream is when he mines tnt with a flint and steel

by Seb Carr 2 days ago

Mama: Why don't you go outside and play with the neighbours son?

The neighbours son:

by uhnded 2 days ago

Alternate Title: Minecraft Speedrunner vs 3 hunters but they are actually hunting me.

by Raymond Crittenden 2 days ago

everyone trying to kill dream:
Bad boy halo: ooh blue fire

by Zach Is Boy 1 day ago

Petition for Dream to do this with a heart monitor:

Dream has to notice this...

by Lance Miller 2 months ago

"He's such a little nimble acrobat"
I think SAD-ist might've thought about that line a little more than others.

by Sage H 1 day ago

Mom: Just one mote video and you'll sleep ok?

by Dragos Dragos 1 day ago

"THIS IS FOR GEORGE DREAM" - Sapnap . never thought they would get along

by Dainn Kim 2 days ago

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