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Minecraft, But Three People Control One Player...

#minecraft challenge #Minecraft But Three People Control One Player #dream Minecraft youtube #Minecraft But Drops Are Multiplied #Gaming
Minecraft, But Three People Control One Player... this was super hilarious...
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This is a new Minecraft but, 1.14 challenge that we have decided to try. We try to beat the game, while I am stuck together with my 2 friends. One can break blocks, one can attack, and I control where we move. It's like those challenges where one person has the mouse and one has the keyboard, except with 2 people
If this video gets 200,000 likes we'll do it again!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a new challenge. This video was structured very similarly to my other video "Minecraft, But Item Drops Are Multiplied Every Time...", so you may notice those music and content themes in this video.

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Dream photo 1 Minecraft, But Three People Control... Dream photo 2 Minecraft, But Three People Control... Dream photo 3 Minecraft, But Three People Control... Dream photo 4 Minecraft, But Three People Control...

I love how Dream is playing like he normally does and George and Sapnap are just terrified the whole time

by Crow Greypage 3 months ago

alternative title: British boy gets bullied by his friends because he’s bad at switching between blocks.

by Willem Cahill-Chiaroni 1 week ago

Was half expecting Dream to say, "We're not running in circles...."

"We're running in squares."

by Neil Hebert 2 weeks ago

When they go in the last biome (because of y’all, I’m scared to call it that name because y’all might start saying, “it’s not ____. It’s _____”)

“Yes!” “Yes!” Yes!” “No!” “Yes!” “Water!” “Bed!” “Block” “Nice!” “Eat Eat Eat!” “Go Go Go Go!” “dreAMM!” “Sword!” “Go!” “This is it!” “Let’s GOOOO!” “Yessss!”

Edit 2: I deleted my last edit because of some people:) but anyways, I don’t play minecraft that much. And I heard tons of people say the enderworld. Be more mature and just correct me more nice. Literally y’all don’t have to go and say “it’s the end you dummy.” I tried searching it up when I posted this because I was confused on the name, and some people called it the ender world so I went with it, and thank you to all the people who tried to help me to these immature people that can’t tell someone what the name is nicely. btw, i don’t watch anime at ALL. the profile picture is cute so I chose it, Don’t just assume. y’all are so immature lol

by Vicile 1 week ago

Dream: kill the pig KILLLLLL ITT

Technoblade: ........

by Teody Maxion 2 weeks ago

Plot twist: Dream was the only one that is playing, George and Sapnap are just the voices in his head

by Alpha Hollow 6 months ago

Everytime dream moves 000000.1 cm:
Sapnap: “*gasp*”
George: “DREAMM”

by red_roses_rosie 2 weeks ago

Popular sentences:
"Eat the food"
"Kill it"
"Give me blocks"

by Jasmine Rivera 1 week ago

“Dream is moving so recklessly, I feel like I’m gonna fall off”
Dream: You shall feel my wrath

by Siyan Li 1 week ago

alternate title: dream gives everyone a heart attack while george turns into everyones grandma and sapnap chills

by Lolo’s Bizarre Adventure 6 months ago

video anylasis:


by Lego Wild Wolf 1 week ago

Dream: moves
George and Sapnap: SCREAMS OF TERROR

by Monte Yates 2 weeks ago

fun fact:
dream is actually younger than george,but for me,dream voice sounds older than george :)

by Xeo Keo 1 week ago

Title should be: Dream giving anxiety to George and Sapnap that are just trying to do their jobs for 30 minutes straight

by Jules Garry 2 weeks ago

Them yelling “DREAM” every time he goes near a ledge reminds me of learning to drive with a parent in the car yelling at you lol

by depolarization 2 weeks ago

Sapnap and George: DREAM
Dream: Laughs Silently

by Ink Sans 2 weeks ago

The reason why Dream can outrun 4 hunters is soley because of his “reckless” and risky movements XD (experienced is a better word)

by jxsyxng 1 week ago

sapnap: “im not killing the baby pig”

also sapnap: brutally murders Mr. Squeegee ruining BadBoyHalo’s day and killing my soul*

by Dewy_Limesss 2 days ago

: “dReAmAAA”
: “dream”
: “oh- dream”
: gasp “D R E A M”
: “DREAMMM!!!”
: “dream!”
: “ dream dream dream dream”
: “DREa-uh”
Pls comment the time stamp if theres any more I’m to lazy now

by The Spectrum Squad 3 days ago

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