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Minecraft, But Xray Is Always On...

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Minecraft, But Xray Is Always On... We never take xray off until we beat the game. Diamonds are easier to find than wood. This is CRAZY!
Dream: Dream.
George: GeorgeNotFound.
Sapnap: Sapnap.
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DreamWasTaken
This video is a Minecraft, But, 1.14 challenge. We try and beat the enderdragon (beat the game) in Minecraft, while almost every block is invisible. This was extremely fun and challenging. Messing with the game is always fun.
If this video gets 100,000 likes we'll upload another one!
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises.

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Dream Team photo 1 Minecraft, But Xray Is Always... Dream Team photo 2 Minecraft, But Xray Is Always... Dream Team photo 3 Minecraft, But Xray Is Always... Dream Team photo 4 Minecraft, But Xray Is Always...

This makes u realize how many ores we don’t find

by aka Buzzybee 2 months ago

how has nobody noticed Dream’s reference-
“There’s two endermen chilling in a cave..5 ft apart”

two bros chilling in a hot tub~ 5ft apart cuz they’re not gAy

by jungkooks banana milk 1 month ago

george: u said inches"
dream: gasps for air while wheezing

by Artura H 1 month ago

sapnap: george gimme an eye
george: ok
proceeds to give him every item in the game other than an eye

by BigIcedCoffee 1 month ago

"Where is my hole?'
"I'm going up Sapnap's hole"
"George don't touch my hole!"
"Is this my hole?"

Edit: I didn't realise this comment was stolen.

by RiddimRush 1 month ago

Sapnap: has full diamond gear and diamond sword
Also sapnap: iM bEiNg DeStRoYeD bY a SpIdEr

by The_ _Hunter 2 months ago

Every time Dream fell and George was like: “DREAM!” was the cutest thing and when Sapnap fell he just was like: “He’s being so wreck less » made me laugh

by WolfiePlayzRoblox 1 month ago

Dream: eats bread and drops breadcrumbs onto sapnap's burning body

by JamesWasTesting 1 month ago

he looks like he is doing a dramatic head turn 🤣🤣

by Melty Gummy bears 1 month ago

The whole time I was cringing at the thought of them walking into a ravine.

by Logan Tischler 1 month ago

You NEED a camera man so we can see how hilarious you guys look trying to get around during the game lol

by Kylie H 4 months ago

*going to kill the endermen*

No one:


by Ham 1 month ago

“Wood is harder to find than diamonds!” Instantly finds two ship wrecks made of wood

by Caleb fenderson 1 month ago

The way George and SapNap were like: "yes? can we help you?" When dream turned around, priceless😂😂😂😂😂

Edit: WTF!?! 214 likes!?! That's pog!

by Lavender_ Skies 1 month ago

When Sapnap said he didn’t have a bucket he was literally “🥺” he’s soooo adorable I stg

by big peepee 1 month ago

Dream: is the world record holder for beating Minecraft

Also Dream: “What is curse of binding?”

by Keaton Sneed 4 months ago

Dream: It’s like 6 Inches thick

George: whAt?

*My phone dies*

Me: 😳

by Short Potato 1 month ago

Sapnap: falls
George: Oh sapnap, so reckless
Dream: falls

by Darold Carold 1 month ago

me waiting for them to realize it aint a mooshroom biome:
👁 👄 👁

by Ella J 1 month ago

" Sapnap, Where are you going? No Sapnap Don't go down there. Sap na- "
Rip Sapnap-

by M 1 month ago

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