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Flamingo: Draw My Life

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One Art By SolarScary: https://twitter.com/Crocoboyo Check them out for amazing art.
Flamingo: Draw My Life is a complete biography of Flamingo, His real name is Albert Spencer Aretz. In this video, we are covering his entire story from his childhood to his massive YouTube success. If you want to know everything about flamingo checkout Flamingo: Draw My Life.

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Damn you guys are fast I was like first and there were" 25 comments". I mean, I uploaded the video but still not first 🤣🤣🤣.

by Draw Their Life 5 months ago

“Fully PG Channel”

Also Albert: Here in ‘merica, EVERYONE’s got a gun! GAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGA
Also also Albert: Where are the guns in this game?!?!?!
Also also also Albert: dead dog center
Also also also also Albert (sorry for the alsos lol): I will kill you. 𝘐𝘯 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘭 𝘭𝘪𝘧𝘦.

by Flabberchumps 5 months ago

In the thumbnail he looks like Walmart off brand Billie eyelash genderbend

by teehee 4 months ago

Its funny how his drawings of albert make him not look like a psychopath lol

by Aedan The Yeetlord 1 month ago

"Has a sister named Alexandira"

*Triggeration level max*

by RiceCreamy! 3 months ago

Facts not mentioned in the video:

-Albertstuff wasn't his first channel, his first channel was called RobloxHub.
-Flamingo uploads twice a day usually.
-He did make videos of games outside of Roblox, such as GTA 5 or minecraft.
-He was bullied a lot as a kid in high school, which may have led to trauma.
-Other stuff that I can't remember from the top of my head.

by RealReo 5 months ago

It's sad how many arts were traced and presented as "originals" in one single video

by Soul Loss 3 months ago

also Albert:”parent cake” “parent cake” “parent cake”

by Basic L0ve 1 month ago

It’s scary how much they actually know...

by 8BitBug 4 months ago

I honestly think it's kind of odd that this person is telling other people's lives o.o

by P e O p L e 4 months ago

Albert did go to college, but he ended up dropping out because he thought YouTube was going good for him
And yes, he was lucky that it turned out for him like it did, but his subscriber count was pretty low back then for him to be dropping out.

by Vincent Da Boss 5 months ago

Flamingo as “PG”: “I’m going to kill you, BUT IN REAL LIFE”

by FuriBlaze25 1 month ago

Can we just appreciate the markers that his buying for every video

by Aldous Garcia 4 months ago

POV: you're scrolling in the comments looking for albert commenting

by TheBiggerOof 1 month ago

albertsstuff will always be a big part of my childhood, but i’m glad he’s happier and i’m proud of him.

by jjk 1 month ago

He recently deleted most of his albertsstuff videos because some people found them offensive and tried to cancel him for it

by Vincent Da Boss 5 months ago

Who knew that this innocent little kid would grow up to be giving innocent kids playing Roblox the worst time possible

by Eesa Salman Kakakhel 2 months ago

Draw their life guy: Kristen

by PianoMan_98 1 month ago

Kristen and him really be going back and forth

by Keira Lampman 2 months ago

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