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Among Us GUIDE - Strategy, Meetings, Settings and Maps!

In this guide I've tried to create a pretty comprehensive jump-start strategy guide for players that are interested in either starting to play Among Us or for intermediate players wanting to better understand the strategy behind some common game situations.
Here's a link to a fantastic written guide by LSV, referenced in the video: https://strategy.channelfireball.com/all-strategy/magic-articles/among-us-strategy-guide/
Here are links to all three maps with vents included, The Skeld: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/751913993849012256/751914444384239646/xAmong-Us-Skeled-Vents.png
Mira HQ: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/751913993849012256/751914528584892506/xAmong-Us-MIRA-UQ-Vents.png
Polus: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/751913993849012256/751914591835127868/xAmong-Us-Polas-Map-Vents.png
0:00 Introduction and Basics
5:05 My Preferred Game Settings
13:45 Common Tasks - Don't Get Caught Faking These!
16:40 Meeting Strategy - Numbers to Vote and Skip On
25:19 The Failed Double Kill Situation
27:55 Have a Map!
29:20 The Skeld Map Details
35:01 Mira HQ Map Details
37:58 Polus Map Details
43:35 Conclusion
Check out my stream: https://www.twitch.tv/dratnos

Dratnos photo 1 Among Us GUIDE - Strategy,... Dratnos photo 2 Among Us GUIDE - Strategy,... Dratnos photo 3 Among Us GUIDE - Strategy,... Dratnos photo 4 Among Us GUIDE - Strategy,...

Among Us colour tier list when??

by Bpad 1 month ago

Idk dratnos seems pretty sus๐Ÿค”

by Mike 1 month ago

A small tip for common tasks is that they always appear at the top of your list, if there's 2 common tasks enabled on your lobby, the first 2 tasks are the 2 common tasks assigned to everyone so you know what to fake or what to answer if questioned as an impostor

by Hi Im Micku 1 month ago

I was voted off one time for being the cyan color. They said "Cyan is always sus". What. The. Heck.

Edit: Another way to win as imposter is make a rat cult. I was the leader and no one suspected me.

by Wolfie Spark 1 month ago

I find Mira the most interesting

it is by far the most complicated map for the imposters which is why I love it and it is simply due to the Y pattern of the corridors in the middle

The problem is that because you dont like it you barely talked about it and you literally didnt even talk about any strategy on it, the Y pattern in the middle of the map enable players to know where people are and it counters the huge venting system: even if you can vent really far, people will know you are imposter because they would have seen you walking through the Y corridor... Also, the fact reactor is placed in a dead end is really unique and makes it really useful for strategies, but you didnt talk about it whereas it is super useful... Im pretty disappointed

by Thomas Fox 1 month ago

I've watched and played this game for months but I could listen to dratnos talk about anything for 46 minutes

by Connor Pierson 1 month ago

The highest IQ imposter strat ive ever seen is saying "lets just skip" in chat

by Jordan Collier 1 month ago

Not SL content but since itโ€™s Dratnos I will watch happily. :)

by Ata Tabesh 1 month ago

task bar doesnt always move even when u do a task, some task are 0/2 or 0/3 so it might not move

by Murrieta VG 1 month ago

I felt like I was listening to a lecture lmao. "This is a common thing that many people misunderstand so I will explain it in-depth and afterwards we will move forward and talk about-"

by Hannah P 3 weeks ago

Yoooo yellow dude pretty sus he hasnโ€™t been moving dat much...

by JadeBlox Inc. 1 month ago

When you keep losing so you decide to watch a video.

by Wamy Dolfin 1 month ago

My op imposter strat: when a ghost does asteroids, stand by the thing and let it shoot when someone passes. Now you got cleared as a crewmate:)

by Dru Tyra 4 weeks ago

Explanations were great however, I wish I had the visual example while you explained.

by Jessslopoke 1 month ago

wow i didnโ€™t know it was 45 minutes.. time went by so fast lol nice content

by Vilify 1 month ago

This us the best among us guide i have found. Thanks

by Mayank KMC 1 month ago

Strategy: your team votes out your accountable teammate first round without having myself or him speak. Outcome: Blue throws in the last round like a clown. :)

by Floorfruits 1 month ago

Loved the vid, very very helpfull, quick question, on polus if im looking on camera A will camera B flash?

by Yox O 1 month ago

Reds kinda sus
Orange came out of communications
The body was in reactor...

by Teii has RTX on 2 weeks ago

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