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Rap Radar: Drake

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Every time they cut from Drake, his barber touches up his fade.

by Champ 10 months ago

whenever drake retires, We NEED a documentary like the last dance type shit

by Damian Vasquez 3 months ago

I never regret being a big fan of him.

by SH. 4 months ago

This really should have been on Netflix lol

by YourACherrynut 6 months ago

Drake too rich to put adds on videos ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Nati 10 months ago

This is my dream.Having millions care enough to watch me talk about myself and my success for two hours straight.Ima get there

by The Prodigy 4 months ago

Gods Plan (Biggest hit of career)
Social Media
Ghost Writing
Meek Mill
Pusha T
Adonis (his son)
Jay Z
Rick Ross
Chris Brown
The Weeknd
Camp flog gnaw
Kendrick Lamar & J Cole
Difference between (Kendrick/ J Cole/ Drake


credit to J S

by Homey 2 months ago

Drake has changed the game. No one could ever say different. Heโ€™s rare and heโ€™s done what he said he would in 09.. Iโ€™m so proud of this dude!

by Prolific Jaywon 3 months ago

I just genuinely love the way his voice sounds - singing or speaking

by Ellen Jones 6 months ago

Drake has one of the greatest mentalities in the history of hip-hop/R&B. He knows what people want and what he has to do at every moment. Legend.

by Alejandro Jp 4 months ago

Drake is one of the smartest rappers of all time, sad no one will ever truly understand how intelligent he really is

by Dremndishot 2 months ago

Drake, Nicki, Wayne and Rihanna carried this decade on their shoulder hands down. And heโ€™ll always be my favorite artist

by Meghan Elise 2 weeks ago

"A lot of this is organic. It's not that calculated." This is why I respect him.

by Xeridae 4 months ago

VLADTV would have broken this up into 52 parts.

by certafyde 10 months ago

Drake gets too much hate, i love his catalog

by S 4 months ago

whenever drake retires, We NEED a documentary like the last dance type shit

by Big Dee 5 days ago

He so humble. His vibe just resonate whenever he talks about genuine things.

by Ethan Harris 6 months ago

was the most important thing Deake said in this hole interview "manifesting" "law of attraction," speaking repetitively things into existence

by Flexamillious ok 2 months ago

accept it or deny it, but this was drakeโ€™s decade.

by Kye Benson 10 months ago

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