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Rap Radar: Drake

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accept it or deny it, but this was drake’s decade.

by Kye Benson 1 year ago

Gods Plan (Biggest hit of career)
Social Media
Ghost Writing
Meek Mill
Pusha T
Adonis (his son)
Jay Z
Rick Ross
Chris Brown
The Weeknd
Camp flog gnaw
Kendrick Lamar & J Cole
Difference between (Kendrick/ J Cole/ Drake

by Romech McIntosh 2 months ago

Drake is already one of the greatest to ever do it. He could retire today, never drop another track, and he'd have nothing to prove.

by Itachi Uchiha 4 months ago

Let’s not sleep on the interviewers. They asked ALL the right questions.

by Bille 1 month ago

Every time they cut from Drake, his barber touches up his fade.

by Champ 1 year ago

This is one of the most well spoken artists I’ve ever heard.

by Makeupby Kilos 4 months ago

You know why I love Drake... if you notice he never forget any details he remembers cars names, people, memories everything, he is such a genuine gentleman, he is deep and very thoughtful

by Riri songs 2 months ago

still waiting on "CERTIFIED LOVERBOY"

by FAYGOBEATS 2 months ago

I honestly think we should get this interview monthly, just for drake fo catch us up on his life.

by Brooklyn Nelson 2 days ago

whenever drake retires, We NEED a documentary like the last dance type shit

by Damian Vasquez 9 months ago

Drake deserves everything he has, dude only 34 but been working hard for two decades can't deny that

by MTran0708 2 months ago

Drake is so emotionally intelligent

by Drew Dalziel 2 months ago

He's definitely on the way to be a billionaire and it's well deserved

by Joe Kayed 2 months ago

The fact Drake never had an "episode" and lost it at this level is what I admire the most. Not many can handle this kind of success the way he has.

by Adam Macias - Tech Reviews 1 month ago

Let's not sleep on Drake's barber, this fade is clean af.

by bam • 42M views 9 months ago

This is my dream.Having millions care enough to watch me talk about myself and my success for two hours straight.Ima get there

by frqkwnn` evfknf 5 months ago

‘Celebrities act like they’re really invested in something when they’re actually not for social approval’.

Drizzy knows.

by Ollie King 1 week ago

the greatest of all time. when he’s gone the world will realize how lucky we were to witness drake and his music in our lifetime.

by Camden Bircham 2 months ago

Long story short, u could be someone like Drake, whether ur good at music or not. All u need to do is drop the phone & don't give up.

by Rea Mveke 2 months ago

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