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Drake - Headlines (Explicit)

#Rec. #Records/Young #Ent./Universal #Cash #Music
Music video by Drake performing Headlines. (C) 2011 Cash Money Records Inc.

#Money #Drake #Rap #Headlines

DrakeVEVO photo 1 Drake - Headlines (Explicit) DrakeVEVO photo 2 Drake - Headlines (Explicit) DrakeVEVO photo 3 Drake - Headlines (Explicit) DrakeVEVO photo 4 Drake - Headlines (Explicit)

It’s a tradition to come back here every once in A while

by Troy Blair 2 months ago

just tryna come to terms with the fact that this Drake ain’t never coming back 😭😭🤧🤧

by mellyland 1 month ago

This is when the world was good so sad how much this world changed

by Lee Wilson 15 hours ago

“They said they miss the old Drake girl don’t tempt me”

Has never been more relevant

by D 3 weeks ago

This will forever being one of the safest aux songs. Someone hands you the aux and you literally can't go wrong playing this. Classic.

by Egg_Destroyer12 1 day ago

Who’s here from 2020 august??? Dem this still hits like its just new

by Yongp Official 3 months ago

Sick sick flow drake keep it up!!

by shortstack 6 years ago

This is definitely 99 overall drake right now hes like a 95 overall

by Brandon Spence 2 months ago

Nostalgic af. The old drake was unbeatable 🥵🥵🤩😭.....

by SLAYER神 XD 2 months ago

So basically, Quarantine brought everyone to legendary songs.

by Eury Lumbang 1 week ago

This song is a big part of my childhood. I'm so glad i found it again

by Nugz 1 month ago

That old drake was hitting different tho

by Gelato Man 1 year ago

Who told drake he fell off in 2011??? 🤦‍♂️

by RAJVILLE 1 month ago

This was Drake’s best era, best look, he was OP

by God 2 weeks ago

Saying "drake" nowadays sounds like a rich cheesy rap artist but Saying "drake" back than sounds like the way of life.

by Justin Shivrattan 4 days ago

This is Drake in his prime that most people forget or just don’t know about.

by Bazooka Gaming Girl 5 months ago

Hi my name is NGALEU Kevin. Today is the 15 november of 2020.

by Kevin Ngaleu 2 days ago

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