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Xbox Series X/S: The 1st 72 Hours! FULL Console Review, How It Preformed & Our Favorite Launch Title

Double Barrel Gaming is YOUR No.1 source to the BEST and MOST Positive Gaming News, Reviews and Opinions of YouTube. I PROUDLY support ALL 3 Consoles & discuss them equally!!.
This Channel is dedicated to being Honest & the “No Drama, No Non-Sense & No Console War BS” Clause. I produce, fair, FUN & information that is Double and in some case’s Triple Checked for accuracy.
**(Channel Advisory)** The content that is being produced is with an Adult Theme in mind. Children under the age of 13 should have Parental Guidance before listening to ANY of the Double Barrel Gaming produced shows. They are intended for an Adult Audience. Any questions, please feel free to email me at the web address listed below.
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Source Articles.
TIME STAMP INFO, (01:00) Panel Intros
(13:00) HUGE Bloomberg Article CONFIRMS More Studio Acquisitions coming in the Japan Region and BIG Phil Spencer Interview!
(1:02:00) The Panel Breaks Down EVERYTHING about the Xbox Series X, its UI, Controller, How Quite it is, the Packaging and MUCH MORE!!
(1:50:00) The Panel REVIEWS the Xbox Series X in FULL Detail!
(2:07:00) Panel Outros and Special Message to the Community.
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