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Cyberpunk 277 Gameplay On Series X Looks INCREDIBLE, HUGE Halo Infinite Update CONFIRMED!

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Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox Series X Gameplay, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JoJ1reFVv2M
TIME STAMP INFO, (01:00) Panel Intros
(05:00) CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One and Xbox Series X Gameplay Reveal was INCREDIBLE looking, find out what the panel thought of 2020's BIGGEST release!
(33:00) Xbox Series X/S Consoles are FANTASTIC, though there IS an issue with the DVR function that was brought to the Attention of Jason Ronald and he responded extremely quickly!
(1:00:00) HUGE Halo Infinite Update CONFIRMED by 343i and I'm STOKED to hear what they have to say!
(1:38:00) The 2020 Video Game Awards was announced by Geoff Keighley, the BIG question that the panel tackles is "What does Xbox NEED to show" at the MOST watched gaming program of the year??
(2:13:00) Panel Outros and Special Message to the Community.
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Been thinking about putting a legendary sticker on my Series X from halo that I've been saving since the halo 2 launch.

by Gonemaddd 2 months ago

Great episode boom! Been listening on spotify lately, love tht 343 is taking the meme head on with humility and growing from it \m/

by Sean Carpenter 1 month ago

I'm loving my series x ๐Ÿ˜ I have fallen with 60 frames I cant believe how much it improves the games.Sea of theives in 60 frames is sooooooo good its mind blowing

by THE THINKER 2 months ago

Man I'm so busy boom can't watch your show live maybe that's why i didn't get a serious x I'm checking the show out at work

by BOUNTY BOOM 2 months ago

My series x came in Monday thw day b4 launch about noon, it was a great day ๐Ÿ˜ƒ its been great so far, cant wait for the medium & cyberpunk!

by DREAM E4TER 1 month ago

Good show boom
Keep up the good work

by Mark Cameron 2 months ago

What I hope Microsoft show: Hellblade 2, psychonauts 2, fable, The initiatives game.
What I think they will show: Age of Empires 4, Flight SIM console release date, maybe an xbox published game, the medium maybe.

Since the Halo reveal, xbox are going to be super careful with what they show to a mass audience so I am tempering my expectations, trying to at least.

by Willbo Gaggins 1 month ago

Whoop cyberpunk goodbye outside world

by gbone 117 2 months ago

Man what happened to the power talk? so quiet now LMAO

by Alejandro Lopez 2 months ago

Man they pissed you off dude seems to be going around a lot lately lots of negativity vibes
Kind of annoying when it should be a time of celebrating and coming together
Hell we've got 2 great consoles in a pandemic chill people enjoy your consoles

by gbone 117 2 months ago

all the PS5 Damaging controlling from people is crazy. Imagine if as many Youtubers had faulty Xboxes and issues with running out of storage and having NO way of expanding storage? You think theyโ€™d be as calm and forgiving? These are the same video who did videos trashing Xbox for having the Seagate drive and claiming Sony was better.

by Michelle Alexandria 2 months ago

Great work panel, esp VJ.....dudes words are inspiring and compassionate, something we need in loads nowadays!

by Atit Desai 2 months ago

Xbox Don't need to drop any bombs. Mid to end 21 is when they need bombs. The console will sell out till June next year. This is when you drop bombs to get increase in console sales.

by James Klaro 2 months ago

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