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I Surprised Him With His Least Favorite TikToker

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Sorry Grayson...I just had to
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Dolan Twins photo 1 I Surprised Him With His... Dolan Twins photo 2 I Surprised Him With His... Dolan Twins photo 3 I Surprised Him With His... Dolan Twins photo 4 I Surprised Him With His...

Ethan should’ve acted like Thomas was Grayson and walked into the house acting like the real Grayson didn’t exist

by Hunter Zach 2 days ago

i really don’t see it- thomas’s face is also built differently-

by leilaa 5 days ago

He looks more like Shane Dawson if anything and not Grayson 😂😭

by Jabari Haakim 5 days ago

Am i the only one who thinks that he doesn’t look like grayson AT ALL

by Toqa 1D 1 weeks ago

There are aspects of Thomas that look like Grayson, but in general he doesn't look like him.

by Bea Badjar 4 days ago

Literally nobody:
Ethan: let them settle the beans

by Nasjyer Rogers 5 days ago

No one:
Ethan: “I’m feeling second hand UNCOMFTABILITY”

by Freya Turner 2 days ago


Tomas: laughing uncontrollably every second

by Zohal Taymorii 3 days ago

i love how grayson doesnt want anyone else to look like him but he literally has an identical twin

by wackOnion 1 weeks ago

THOMAS HEAD IS BIG AS HELL ??? like when they were both in the car his head was taking up all the space

by Obito Uchiha 2 days ago

They look nothing like each other. Cousins at best, not even that lol

by Eva Hodhod 4 days ago

Nobody talking bout how when Ethan was describing Grayson he said, “he was wearing that dangly tampon earring” idk why I found that so funny 😂

by Zoe the Zucchini 5 days ago

Let’s get something clear.. Thomas looks NOTHING like Grayson😂

by kayylaao 1 weeks ago

Ethan.. “I wouldn’t say beef”... “bEcaUse I’m VegAn.” BEANS

by Joy Weed 2 days ago

I don’t see it tho, it seems like Thomas looks like Shane Dawson a lil

by Jenna ?¿ 2 days ago

no offense but saying that Thomas looks like Grayson is an insult to Grayson LMFAOAOAOAOAOA

by Jakayla Allen 2 days ago

Thomas:”like you’re big but you’re not as wide”
Ethan:” okay okay”

by Cassandra Mitchell 4 days ago

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